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Where is les gray of mud buried?


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September 15, 2011 12:19PM

i believe les is buried at a place called budens in Portugal, this is the link i found the answer on.....

looking at restaurants in budens Portugal i came across this paragraph with a reference to the churchyard where les is buried at the end.......

Where to eat in the Algarve, Portugal

Restaurante O Tiago in Budens

It must be catching!

The last two restaurant reviews have started with comments on the walks we sometimes do and what happens? Everyone starts walking. Even Margaret and John (Algarve Retreats bods) are now into Julie Statham's famous walks and they may even include the story of a trip up into the Serra de Cao elsewhere in this month's newsletter.

So enough of our walks, this month we would like to tell you about a small and very friendly restaurant in the village of Budens.

It's easy to miss Restaurante O Tiago. If you don't know it's there, you could bypass Budens and the restaurant altogether. After all, what is there at Budens?

The main reason people stop at Budens is to visit the EcoMarché supermarket or the petrol station situated on the East side of the N125 between the Burgau and Salema junctions. It would be a shame to miss this tiny village, because its natural Portuguese charm, its friendly inhabitants, a village church where you will find the last resting place of Les Gray (remember "Tiger feet" and MUD?) and Restaurant O Tiago make it a place to put on your list of visits.