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Where is lets rock and roll tee shirt from?

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Name something you can buy at a rock concert?

Tee shirt. Food. Beer.

Is tee - shirt in French masculine or feminine?

Tee-shirt is amasculine noun in French: un tee-shirt.

Le Tee in french means what in English?

The tee. Le tee-shirt means the tee-shirt, therefore leaving you with that.

What rhymes with tee shirt?

Dessert and revert rhyme with tee shirt.

Is it Tee shirt or t-shirt?

The term t-shirt is a short form for tee-shirt. This name is given to tee-shirts because of the shape of the clothing when laid down flat (it looks like a T). In the US, tee-shirts(or t-shirts) are normally known as tees. same thing!t-shirt.

Is tee-shirt masculine in French?

Un tee-shirt is a masculine noun in French.

Can a tee shirt or polo shirt be called a blouse?


What's the difference between a graphic tee and a t-shirt?

The difference between a graphic tee and a t-shirt is that a t-shirt could just be a plain color. A graphic tee is a t-shirt that has a graphic design on the front, back or both.

Why is it called a tee shirt?

The shirt is shaped like a T

What is a sleep tee?

A tee-shirt that is softer and thus comfy to sleep in.

What is an article of clothing beginning with T?

Tee Shirt or T-Shirt

How do you say tee shirt in French?

A tee-shirt is spelled and pronounced the same in French. The spelling 'T-shirt' is also common. It is considered a masculine noun and has no local translation.

Shirt in French?

Une chemise for a button-up shirt Un chandail for a tee-shirt

What is a shirt in French?

A shirt is 'une chemise' (fem.) for a man's shirt, or 'un chemisier' (masc.) for a woman's shirt. The tee-shirt is called the same.

What do massage therapist wear for clothing for work?

My daughter wears a polo or tee shirt and stretchy or yoga pants. That attire lets her move more freely than scrubs.

Should you wear a long sleeve tee shirt under a polo shirt?


How much do Simon Cowell white tee shirt cost?

$500 per shirt!

What is a penny tee?

it is a t-shirt with a funny saying on it

How much cotton is in a tee shirt?

That is completely based on which tee shirt you are talking about, there are 100 percent cotton ones, and everything from 40 percent to 99 percent otherwise.

What Marvel Comic Book movie stars a man with a skull tee-shirt?

The Punisher

What is short sleeved T-shirt in french?

tee-shirt à manches courtes

Is a tee shirt man made?

Yes, the process of making a t-shirt is man made.

How do you spell T-shirt in French?

it's masculine so it'll be...le tee-shirt

What is something you wear that starts with the letter T?


What do the non winners of Survivor win?

Normaly, a tee-shirt.

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