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Q: Where is maize grown in India?
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Related questions

Where are maize grown in India?

maize is grown in bihar, west bengal and punjab...........................

Where maize is grown in India?


Where maize is grown?

maize is grown in the US and 99% of maize is grown there

What is the name of two cereal crops grown in India?

maize and wheat

Where is maize grown?

Southern America, Italy, India, Yugoslavia and Egypt.

Which is the main crop grown is India?

The main crop in India is Rice followed by Wheat and Maize(Corn)

What are the annual crops grown in India?

Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane, maize andsome other things.

Where are the main crops grown in India?

rice, cotton, sugarcane, tea, coffee, barley, maize

In what type of soil maize plant is grown?

Maize is grown in well-drained fertile soil.

What crop is grown the most in India?

Well lets see maybe wheat, rice and maize and maybe cotton too

In which season are maize grown?

Maize is grown in any season that is a good growing season for this crop. In Canada, for instance, maize is planted in the spring and is harvested in the fall.

What are the summer crops grown in India?

summer crops are those which are grown in the month of March to June .they are grown in places where the water supply is adequate and soil fertility is good. They include Rice,Potato,Maize,Pulses etc..

How is maize produced?

Maize is corn, so it is planted, grown, then harvested.

How was maize created?

Maize is a grain grown in the ground that the English call Maize and Americans call corn.

What are Major crops grown in different states of India?

the major crops grown in different parts of india are :rice wheat millets maize cotton jute coffee

What food is grown it Thailand?

sugar cane, pineapple, maize, cassava, rice (Thailand has foods that are spicier than India just in case you needed to know:) )

Wherein the world is maize grown?

Maize is a type of corn and is originally from Central America. However, it can be grown anywhere there are adequate conditions. not really its gay gay gay

What is the main crop grown in Zambia?


What are the main crops grown in Africa?

The main crops that are grown in Africa are:Tobacco, maize, rice, and more

What kind of crops grown in Connecticut?

corn known as maize

The US' most widely grown crop is?

Corn (maize)

What crop is grown in the Atlantic provinces in canada?

Maize corn

What cereals are grown in Punjab?

Wheat, Barley, Maize, RICE

Where does maize grow?

Maize (corn) is grown in nearly every country of the western hemisphere, and many countries all over the world.

What spanish speaking country does maize come from?

I'm pretty sure maize is native to the United States, grown by the Indians in the southeast