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depends on which way your distributor cap is pointed. best thing to do if all spark plug wires are off is to get number 1 cylinder to top dead center. put number 1 spark plug wire on any spot on distributer cap and turn distributer until the post where you stuck number 1 spark plug wire on is as close to number 1 cylinder as possible or some would say pointed straight at it. thenstarting in a clockwise motion put plug wires on infiring order which should be cast into your intake manifold i think to the passenger side of carberator. this should get the timing close enough for the engine to start. then you should be able to start it and set the timing whick should be printed on a sticker on the frame that runs across the front of the engine compartment to the left of the hood latch i believe. make sure to set timing before running the engine very long you could damage it. this is just if all plug wires were off and you have no other way to know where they go

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โˆ™ 2005-01-22 05:19:02
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Q: Where is number 1 on the distributor cap of a 5.7 1989 Chevy 2500 pickup?
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