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Its right in front of the starter its a 10mm bolt with a phillips if it has coolant coiming out there replace ur water pump shaft seal. should be 10w30 and fill is in the front hard to get to coming up at an angle half way down the motor fill til it runs out u will need a bendable funnel.

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How fast is a polaris trail boss 250?

My 98 polaris trail boss does about 55-60mph

Is the 1993 Polaris Trail Boss 350 air cooled?

No, it isn't. The Polaris Trail Boss 350 is a liquid cooled 2-stroke.

What is the compression for a 1993 Polaris 250 Trail Boss?

I have a 1993 Polaris 250 Trail Boss. It won't start. It floods out the carb. Could it be low compression?

How do you change crank case oil 91 polaris 350 trail boss?

There is a large bolt on the bottom of the crankcase, underneath the brake.....that is your drain plug.

Location of fuel filter on polaris 330 trail boss?

The location of the fuel filter on a Polaris 330 Trail Boss is in the fuel line that connects to the fuel pump. The fuel pump is located on the driver's side of the motor.

Do you mix oil into the gas of a Polaris Trail Boss 350 4-stroke?

No, you don't mix oil into the gas of a Polaris Trail Boss 350 4-stroke. It is a 4-stroke engine, and you do notmix oil with the gas.

How do you remove chain on 2000 polaris trail boss 325?

The chain on a 2000 Polaris Trail Boss 325 is removed by loosening the retaining bolts and applying tension away from the sprockets. The chain can them be slipped off the sprockets and removed.

Where is the vin on a 1995 polaris trail boss 250?

I need this information for regestering my ATV

Is a Polaris Trail Boss 300 interchangeable with a Polaris Trail Boss 350?

No, it is not. The 300 and 350 are different critters. There are a number of machines in the Trial Boss series, and the 325 and 330 are just two more of them. Though there is some interchangability of parts, it's best to do some homework before "substituting" anything.

What is the valve clearance on Polaris 330 magnum?

The Valve Lash for a Polaris Magnum 330 or a Trail Boss 330 is .006 on the Intake & .006 on the Exhaust.

Will a polaris 600 sportsman seat fit a 1999 polaris trail boss 325?

Yes it will fit as long as the sportsman is model is from an 04 and old

How do you remove starter polaris trail boss 250?

You have to pull the front clutch off to get to the rest of the bolts...

Does 2005 polaris 330 trail boss hane transmission oil?

Yes it does. It is near the front sprocket at the back of the engine. Look for a yellow dipstick. You will need to get Amsoil severe gear synthetic oil 75/90w at NAPA or your Polaris dealer will have the oil. I have yet figured out how to drain it.

How fast can a polaris 325 trail boss go?

Toped out fully stock with a fmf air filter 45mph

How do you change the oil in your polaris trail boss 250 cc?

The oil in a polaris trail boss 250 cc can be changed by first opening the hood of the car and figuring out where the oil valve is located. Remove the cover and then use a siphon to remove the bad oil. Then simply funnel in the new oil.

How fast does a polaris 350 trail boss go?

i have a polaris 350 1990 2 stroke. I just raced beside a truck down a road and got to about 50mph.

Is there crankcase oil in a 1993 Polaris trail boss 4x4?

Not typically as they are a 2 stroke motor

Where do you ad coolant to polaris 325 trail boss?

On the left side of machine by footrest there is a plastic tank , where you add coolant .

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