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Where is oil filter located on 1997 ford contour 2.0 l 4 cylinder?


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2009-04-28 16:04:04

Passenger side in back of engine bay.

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it is on the passenger side of the motor just look up towards the back of the motor.

The fuel filter is located under the hood on the drivers side beneath the master cylinder

i need to see a picture about where this is

you have to remove trans pan,and filter will be right there to replace

According to the 1997 Ford Contour Owner Guide ( 5W-30 ) With engine oil filter change : The 2.0 liter four cylinder takes ( 4.5 U.S. quarts of 5W-30 ) The 2.5 liter V6 takes ( 5.5 quarts )

If it is a 6 cylinder 2.5L EFI enging, it is on front side of the engine. Find the the oil cap on top of your engine and go staight down from there, it is almost directly underneith it. You should be able to see from the top if you look closely.

According to the 1997 Ford Contour Owner Guide : With engine oil filter change : The 2.0 liter four cylinder engine takes ( 4.5 U.S. quarts of 5W-30 ) The 2.5 liter V6 engine takes ( 5.5 U.S. quarts of 5W-30 )

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The fuel filter on the 1997 Silverado is located inside of the fuel tank.

Where can I locate the fuel filter on a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder?

Under the Explorer , below the drivers door , mounted on the frame rail

Its Located be hide the Exhaust manifold, You have to take off the Cat, to get to it

Look for you oil filter, it is right next to it, toward the driver side

Under the brake master cylinder.

Look under the jeep, just in front of the fuel tank. Actually, the fuel filter is with the fuel pump inside the gas tank. The gas tank has to be dropped to replace this.

According to Gates ( they make timing belts etc. ) the 2.0 L - DOHC - 4 cylinder engine in a 1997 Ford Contour is NOT an interference engine - so the answer would be NO

Its located under the hood, look at the back side of your hood, and there is a filter located in the middle.

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where is the main fuel filter located on a 1997 Camaro rs with fuel injection

The fuel filter on a 1997 Toyota RAV 4 is located in underneath the vehicle. To locate the fuel filter, locate the fuel tank and follow the lines from the fuel tank and the filter should be there.

A 1997 Pontiac Sunfire has an AC Filter located in the cabin. The filter can be found behind the glove compartment and is used replaceable.

on 4 cylinder models,it is located on the firewall side of the engine block below the exhaust manifold.------on v6 models it is located in front of engine above the oil filter.

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