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The Vedas (there are 4 books) began being developed around 6000-3000BC as an oral tradition thus there are limited written records from ancient times. However, from this time period there are a few stone inscriptions scattered throughout India, Burma, Tibet Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Malaysia

In regards to complete manuscripts the oldest known copies of the Aryuveda and Rigveda (2 of the 4 books) are kept at the Bhandarkar Oriental Institute in Pune, Maharashtra. These two manuscripts are written in Sanskrit and were found in Rajasthan during the late 1800's. They are dated from around 12-1300 AD and thus preceding any major Persian influences.

These manuscripts are included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites and are commonly excepted to be priceless treasures for all of humanity.

At this time I am unsure where the oldest copies of the Yajurveda or Samaveda are located.

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Q: Where is original Veda book present?
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