Where is palankhet is located?

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Q: Where is palankhet is located?
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What is the name of state of palankhet?

Palankhet is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This state is situated in the northern part of India and covers 21,495 square miles.

Where is situated palankhet?


Where is Palankhet?

There is No Place is like Palankhet in india. Actually, Palankhet is fictitious location created by Raja Hindustani Film maker. the Word Palankhet Came from two location's i.e. Palampur in Himachal Pradesh & Rani Khet in Uttrakhand in India. Thank You.

How far palankhet from ooty?

125 km

Where is palankhet in maharashtra?

palan khetare in panjab

How do you reach palankhet by road?

Board a bus an go

How do you reach Palankhet hill station from delhi?

by bus u can reach bus travels on road

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