Where is pedal faster you hear banjos from?

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It's "paddle faster, I hear banjos". You'll have to watch the movie Deliverance to understand it...
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2003 sonata 54200 miles when i go to 40mph off the pedal i hear noise from the engine sound like a turbine when i brake the pedal i heard grinding noise feel the car is pulling forward backward?

Answer . You at least need to take care of the brakes right away. The grinding probably means that the disk brake pad(s) are worn. The irregular braking action is caused by a warped rotor. The brake job will include resurfacing or replacing the rotor and should eliminate the problem.\n. \nAs fo ( Full Answer )

If sound travels faster through a solid why can't you hear through solids?

In fact, sound does travel faster in solids than in liquids, and faster in liquids than in air. Also, we can hear through solids, but not very well. And it doesn't have anything to do with the speed of sound in the material. Let's look at what's going on. If sound originates in air on the oth ( Full Answer )

Which is faster to hear live performance or radio broadcast of the same event?

One answer: . Live will be faster of course. The reason is the signal has to be sent to a radio station and then transmitted over the airwaves. This delay can be up to many seconds long.. Another answer: . Sound waves versus radio waves . Although your question is very awkwardly worded, I ( Full Answer )

What can you react to faster hearing or seeing?

"The speed of light is faster than the speed of sound which can be evidenced by watching and listening to lightening. Lightening is seen before it is heard." While this is true, the process by which we interpret light involves chemical reactions which takes more time than the mechanical functions ( Full Answer )

Why do you hear a knocking sound when you push the gas pedal while driving?

You're hearing what's known as "detonation", which is caused by the fuel-air mixture igniting instantaneously, rather than in a controlled, smooth burn. Since its pressure spike arrives way too soon in the cycle, the pistons are hammered back down in their bores before they've reached the top. Beari ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with banjo?

banjos There was a young man who played banjo Who could drive like Manuel Fangio His driving prowess Tempted girls to undress Or at the very least give him a handjo........ ....b

What causes a spongy brake pedal on a 1994 Chevy 1500 silverado after replacing the brakes and bleeding the brake lines I also hear a whoosh sound when depressing the brake pedal?

There is a possibility that the brake fluid has broken down some or has gotten some water in it. That can make the brakes feel spongy too. Since you've already changed the brakes and bled them, I would take a look at the master cylinder and the brake lines. If there is not enough fluid, that can cau ( Full Answer )

When you push the brake pedal i hear noise?

Do you mean when you push the pedal " hard " you hear noise..........if so could be the ABS..........if not, then please have your brakes checked for safety.

What is the plural of banjo?

AskOxford , the definitive reference source for the Englishlanguage, lists both banjos and banjoes as the plural. The plural of banjo is banjos or banjoes, both are correct.

How is a banjo played?

Their are multiple answers to this question. A five-string banjo, most common in country music would most likely be played in one of two styles. The older style, usually called clawhammer or frailing, is a repetitive strum where the fingernails brush down across the strings, or hit single strings ( Full Answer )

What family is the banjo in?

The banjo is a stringed instrument. It falls into the strings family, specifically, it's acoustic. (unless you happen to find an electric banjo)

If your traveling faster then the speed of sound can you hear anything?

You could hear any sounds generated within your moving environment, and you would be able to hear outside sounds generated from the front and up to certain angles to the side, depending on how far away their point of origin as you approach and pass (and there would be considerable dopplering), but y ( Full Answer )

How do I make my bass drum pedal to be louder because when I tighten it to the drum it is hard to hear and barely moves?

I've never had this problem so this is just a guess. You know the beater on the pedal try moving it up so there is more force hitting the drum. What make is the bass drum? Size? I'd loosen it off, you don't want it too tight. As i said this is just a guess, because I've never had this probl ( Full Answer )

Where did Banjo Paterson get Banjo from?

Banjo Paterson's real name was Andrew Barton Paterson. He took the name "Banjo" from a family racehorse. Banjo Paterson was sometimes referred to simply as "The Banjo".

Why do you hear water when I press on my gas pedal?

in some cars, if the air conditioning pump has come off, when the accelerator pedal is applied, the air is forced through to nowhere with sounds similar to water hope this helps

Which Children learn faster deaf children or hearing children?

Neither. Although there are always individual differences, there is no reason to believe that a deaf child would be either more or less intelligent than a hearing child. Studies have shown that when exposed to sign language during infancy deaf children go through all the same stages of language deve ( Full Answer )

Banjo clefs used on a banjo?

Treble clef unless you're playing a bass banjo which should be played in bass clef.

What are the origins of the banjo?

The banjo may have begun as a stringed instrument in Africa using a skin or hide stretched over a gourd, as with a drum, and resonated by plucked strings. The stringboard may have been adopted from the lute, as early forms of the modern banjo appeared in the Caribbean in the 1600's. The banjo was ( Full Answer )

Why do you hear air when you push your brake pedal?

Assuming you're in an air brake equipped vehicle, it could be a number of reasons. Loose air line fittings, ruptured air lines, or bad gaskets in one or more brake chambers would be the primary culprits.

Does hearing music help you solve a math problem faster?

Hearing music does indeed help you solve a math problem faster thanusual. Music is known to have powers on the mind , it helps you concentrate better, boosts your learningabilities , & makes learning easier .So, next time you do homework, listen to some music ...maybe you'll get everythi ( Full Answer )

How do you go faster when cycling I reach the top of my gear ratio and cannot pedal any faster yet I'm not cycling very quickly How do people go faster?

Depends on what's holding you back. If you can keep the pedals turning at a decent rate(say 100 turns/minute) and pushing them down feels easy, then you need a taller gear(bigger front sprocket or a smaller rear sprocket) to go faster. If you can't pedal faster 'cause pushing the pedals feels heavy, ( Full Answer )

What was the purpose of the banjo?

Well ppl you seriously have no life if your looking this up. but if you really want to know... GO TO GOOGLE IDIOTS, or ask cha cha ( text a question to 242 - 242)

What did Banjo Paterson do?

AB 'Banjo' Paterson was a famous Australian bush poet and author, known especially for his patriotism and the way his writing glorified the bush. He was born not far from Orange, in New South Wales. He was a fully qualified solicitor by the age of 23. A scholarly and well-read person, Paterson be ( Full Answer )

Where was the banjo created?

It originated from Africa and was brought to America on slave ships. The African slaves used it to compose old Gospel Hymns.

Where was the ukulele banjo from?

It was created about 1917, often credited to Alvin Keech. It was very popular in the 20's and 30's during the vaudeville days, as it had better projection and sound than the ukulele. While it has faded in popularity, George Formby, a British actor, made it part of the musical mainstream in a large n ( Full Answer )

Why was banjo Patterson called banjo?

Andrew Barton Paterson is his real name, but at the end of anything he wrote he put "The Banjo" after the his favourite family race horse

How your bicycle's gears help you pedal faster or slower?

Because humans, like engines, have a span of resistance and speed where they work best. Gears lets you trade power for speed , or the other way around. This means you can keep pushing the pedals with the same, comfortable amount of effort regardless if you are riding slow uphill or fast downhill.. ( Full Answer )

What is a banjo ukulele?

A banjo ukulele is a small banjo type body strung like an ukulele. It became popular in the 20's and 30's as being louder than a uke and carrying better in the music halls in the days before microphones. They are tuned like an ukulele and are played the same way. The link below shows a banjo ukulele ( Full Answer )

When you buy a tubed amplifier is it bad if even when you have no pedals plugged in you hear fuzz?

What are you calling fuzz? Do you mean some kind of distortion or do you mean extra noise like buzzing? If it's some sort of noise like buzzing, it could be your guitar or your cable. If it's a distortion, then your amp may be working normally or there may be a problem. When you turn amps up loud ( Full Answer )