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Where is photosynthetic tissue found?

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It is found in a plant cell

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Photosynthetic tissue is specialized tissue that is found in the leaves of plants what does it do?

it converts sunlight to fuel

What is the main photosynthetic tissue?

Photosynthesis takes place in the tissues of the plant that contain chlorophyll. This is found in the ground tissue called parenchyma.

What is a palisade tissue?

photosynthetic plant cells that are found in a distinct layer under the leaf's upper surface

What kind of tissue forms the majority of leaf?

Photosynthetic tissue

What are the two types of vascular tissue found in plants?

Phloem and xylem are the two main types of vascular tissue found in plants. Xylem is the tissue that mainly carries water, and a few minerals, in the system. Phloem is the tissue that carries photosynthetic materials through the plant.

The photosynthetic tissue in a leaf is called the?


What is another name for the photosynthetic tissue?


Where is the photosynthetic tissue located in the liverwort?

In the Archegonium

What type of plant cell would you find in the photosynthetic tissue of a leaf?

what type of plant cell would you expect to find in the photosynthetic tissue of a leaf?

What are the 3 types of plant tissue?

The 3 types of tissues are: - Photosynthetic tissue. - Transport tissue. - Protective tissue.

Why is photosynthetic tissue not found in animals?

animals are advanced than the plants in case of sensory system which is develop for the protection and to capture prey easily. in the course of evolution plants are developed from the separate branch monera to protista & from protista to animals. due to that they lost their photosynthetic tissue .

Which photosynthetic protists live inside of coral?

The photosynthetic protists that lives inside the tissue of the coral polyp is zooxanthellae. Zooxanthellae is a photosynthetic algae.

What does a photosynthetic tissue do?

Photosynthetic tissues uses sunlight to produce sugar that the plant than uses for energy.

What is the function of photosynthetic tissue?

It absorbs air and water.

Where are most photosynthetic cells in plants found?

Most photosynthetic cells in plants are found in the leaves.

What cells make up the photosynthetic tissue in plants?


What photosynthetic pigments can be found at the photosystem reaction center?

The photosynthetic pigments that are found at the photosystem reaction center are called chlorophyll A. They directly transfer energy to the photosynthetic pathways.

Why photosynthetic tissue are not found in animals and muscle tissue in plants?

Probably just an "accident" of evolution, once the "choice" had been made for each type of organism to have a certain structure it was not possible to do anything any different.

What plant cell would you find in the photosynthetic tissue?

thylakoid membrane

What is the photosynthetic tissue in a leaf?

The photosynthetic tissue in a leaf is called the mesophyll. Leaves are made for photosynthesis; for this purpose, leaves are flat and thin, so that the sunlight can penetrate the deepest tissues of the leaf itself. Hope that helped. (:

What are mesophylls?

The photosynthetic tissue of a leaf, located between the upper and lower epidermis.

What is a characteristic of the photosynthetic?

photosythensis is a type of tissue that give green plant energy.

Where are the photosynthetic pigments in plants found within the chloroplast?

Photosynthetic pigments are in granna.They are stored in thylakoids.

Where are the catalysts for the photosynthetic process found?


The photosynthetic membranes are found in the?

The photosynthetic membranes are found in the chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are organelles, specialized subunits, in plant and algal cells. Their main role is to conduct photosynthesis.