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It is found in a plant cell

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Q: Where is photosynthetic tissue found?
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Photosynthetic tissue is specialized tissue that is found in the leaves of plants what does it do?

it converts sunlight to fuel

Why photosynthetic tissue are not found in animals?

photosynthetic cells are for plants so animals do not produce them they have different cells to plants.

Why photosynthetic tissues are not found in animals and muscle tissue in plants?

The function of the photosynthetic tissue is to synthesized food for organisms, so animal are heterotrophic (which cannot prepare their own food). That's why photosynthetic tissue is not found in animal. And due to contraction and relaxation of muscle tissue locomotion is possible. So plant can't change the place according to its environment. That's why plant cell lack muscle cells

What is the main photosynthetic tissue?

Photosynthesis takes place in the tissues of the plant that contain chlorophyll. This is found in the ground tissue called parenchyma.

Explain what type of plant cell you would expect to find in the photosynthetic tissue of a leaf What is another name for the photosynthetic tissue?

Mesophyll Parenchyma. The mesophyll is usually specialized as a photosynthetic tissue.

What is a palisade tissue?

photosynthetic plant cells that are found in a distinct layer under the leaf's upper surface

What kind of tissue forms the majority of leaf?

Photosynthetic tissue

What is another name for the photosynthetic tissue?


Where is the photosynthetic tissue located in the liverwort?

In the Archegonium

The photosynthetic tissue in a leaf is called the?


What are the two types of vascular tissue found in plants?

Phloem and xylem are the two main types of vascular tissue found in plants. Xylem is the tissue that mainly carries water, and a few minerals, in the system. Phloem is the tissue that carries photosynthetic materials through the plant.

What are the 3 types of plant tissue?

The 3 types of tissues are: - Photosynthetic tissue. - Transport tissue. - Protective tissue.

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