Where is plug to drain transmission fluid on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

I'm sorry, but there is no drain plug on the transmission pan. The manufacture decided that if your changing the fluid out, then you need to change the filter with it. Therefore you do not need a plug. Well, I still say that you need a plug to get out as much fluid as possible so that you do not spill much fluid on the ground. SORRY.... Additional Info: There is no transmission drain plug on ANY vehicle - you have to remove the entire pan - I've done it on every vehicle I've ever owned. A trick to not spill too much fluid is to remove the bolts from a corner of the pan and loosen the surrounding bolts until the pan starts to tilt down a little. Make sure you have a drain pan below that corner to catch the fluid as it comes out. Keep loosening bolts and tilting the tranny pan until most or all of the fluid has drained out. Replace the filter and gasket, bolt your pan back on, and re-fill the transmission throught the dipstick tube using a narrow ended funnel that can seat INSIDE the dipstick tube.