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u get it in a house just outside hearthrome (route 208)

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Q: Where is poketech app 8?
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What is poketech app in Pokemon platinum?

it app for

How do you get a rare berry?

Get the berry app on your Poketech by vusiting the Poketech lab in Jubelife City

Where to find the marking map after all 8 gyms in diamond?

You can get it from the PokeTech App place in Jubilife City.

How do you get the map app on Pokemon platinum?

Talk to the poketech guy in jublife city who is inside the poketech building. If you have won the fourth gym badge, he will give you the marking map app.

I left my Pokemon at the day-care how can I check up on it's exp and stuff?

there is a poketech app that shows you what lvl your poke is at the daycare. not sure where to get it. look on a poketech app walkthrough

Where is the poketch app to find Cressila?

Keep on Talking to the Inventor of the Poketech when you have all 8 badges. He will eventually give you the MARKING MAP.

Were to find all poketch apps?

There are a lot in the Poketech Company in Jubilife City, a woman gives you a Poketech App in the Pal Park, and a woman gives an App to you in the Jubilife City Condos.

Where do you get poketech app 23 and 24?

They are able to be obtained by Nintendo Events

How do you use Map Marker poketech app?

it shows roaming Pokemon

What is a dowsing machine in Pokemon pearl?

The dowsing machine is a poketech app which scans the ground for hidden items. It is app no.7.

Waterstone in Pokemon diamond?

You can get one in Solaceon Ruins with the dowsing machine app on the poketech.

What is the 26th poketech app and how do you get it?

there is a way to get it but its not meant to be in the game so it kills it and corrupts your data.

Where do you get the poketech app happiness on Pokemon diamond?

You get it from a women on 1FL of the Pokemon Centre in Eterna City.

How does the poketech app dowsing machine sHow is you when there is something?

Where there a dot within the circle or the circle blinks.

When do you get Cresselia in Pokemon pearl?

You find it by walking around into different towns and it will show you where it is on an app on your poketech.

How do you get the pocketch app map checker?

in the poketech company talk to the man next to the counter and he will give you the map marker app with several others

Where can you find the poketech app stopwatch?

The stopwatch app can only be obtained through a special Nintendo event. You can't obtain it through regular gameplay.

How do you use the dowsing machine poketch app on Pokemon Platinum?

I am thinking you get it from the poketech company. correct me if i am wrong

What is the 21st poketech app and how do you get it?

Show a girl a Snorlax in the Pal Park in Route 221 to get the KITCHEN TIMER application!

How do you get pokeflute in Pokemon Soul Silver?

It is a poketech app after you solve the problem with the power plant. You have to go to the radio tower in kanto after and talk to the people and one will give you the app.

How do you get the poketch marking map app on Pokemon platinum English version?

You must have 7 badges then talk to the president of the poketech company in jubilife city and he will give you the app

Where is the dowsing machine in Pokemon pearl?

You get it as one of the Poketech apps in the beginning of the game. It is generally right after the Pokemon List app.

How do you get the poketech app Pokemon map?

JH:First, you need the 3rd Gym Badge. Then, go to the President of Poketch Company and he will give you one.

Can you catch azelf or uxie when you kill them on Pokemon platinum?

yes, but it takes a while, and use the poketech app that allows you to track Pokemon

Where do you find the hotel key at the lake?

Get the dowsing machine app on your poketech and look for it using that. It is in between the hotel and her house. Submitted by awesomeness