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Where is s 96 Saturn sl1 coolant temperature sensor?

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2008-11-28 20:30:07

Everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library

should have a professional shop manual available, for FREE, in the

reference section(make copies of the correct sections) read up and

fix it like a PRO! To paraphrase what Dave just said, " I don't

know, get a book."

My part of this answer is this..... This location is described

as being on the drivers side of the cylinder block. The Haynes

manual shows two similar devices. One with a single wire the other

with two wires. The single wire sensor in the Haynes picture is

located directly next to the water hose on the top of the block on

the drivers side.

The two wire sensor is about four inches from the same hose

towards the cab as shown in the picture.

Make special note of this: On 1991-95 Saturn models, two

coolant temperature sensors are utilized. Be careful not to confuse

the single-wired coolant temperature sender used by the instrument

cluster temperature gauge (which is covered in Section 2) with the

2-wired sensor used by the PCM. On 1996-98 Saturn models, only one

2-wired sensor is used to perform both functions Be certain the

engine is cold before removal. The coolant is in direct contact

with the sensor and will begin to pour out when the sensor is

removed. You may notice that there is a white cap where the wires

go in the top of the two wire sensor. DO NOT REMOVE THE WHITE CAP!

This is a strain relief and will weaken the connection if


Take a flat screw driver and approach from the top. Get between

the block and the sensor and it will pop off nicely. Then use a

deep well socket to remove. When replacing, use pipe dope or Teflon

tape on the threads. Do not over tighten, when the unit begins to

bind, your done. You will see in the sensor and on the wire

connector that it is keyed. There is no polarity, so don't worry

about witch way it goes on. Lightly place the connector on to the

sensor and slightly twist until you feel it fall into place. Then

push in to get the snap.

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