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Where is silver rock in Pokemon Diamond?

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Where do you find the moss rock in Pokemon soul silver?

you have to evolve it in pokemon platinum, pearl, or diamond

What is HM06 in Pokemon Diamond?

HM06 in Pokemon diamond is "Rock Smash".

How do you get Pokemon from Pokemon Silver onto Pokemon Diamond?

correct me if im mistaken but if you take silver and firered for example and trade them then u firered to diamond

Can Pokemon silver connet to Pokemon diamond and pearl?

Soul Silver will, but the original GBC Silver cannot.

Where is blackthorne city in Pokemon Diamond?

Blackthorne city is not in Pokemon Diamond but in Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon diamond to soul silver?


Whare do you get a kings rock in Pokemon diamond?

whare do you get a kings rock in Pokemon dimond?

Where is the rock stone in Pokemon diamond?

There is no such thing as a rock stone.

Where do you find ice rock in Pokemon soul silver?

The ice rock does not exist in SoulSilver. The ice rock in Diamond and Pearl was used to train an Eevee into a Glaceon, but it does not exist in SoulSilver. Remember, SoulSilver is a remake of the original Silver, and because there was no ice rock in the original silver game, there isn't one in SoulSilver.

How do you migrate Pokemon on Pokemon soul silver?

same as diamond and pearl,

Can you trade Pokemon from diamond to Pokemon soul silver?

yes immidiatly.

How do you get profOak at the silver rock on Pokemon platinum?

get oaks note and go to the silver rock and he will be there :)

Where can you learn rockclimb on Pokemon Sapphire?

There is no rock climb in pokemon saphire, but there is a rock climb in pokemon diamond and pearl.

In Pokemon Diamond how do you enter munchlax rock?

The Pokemon Rock is just to look at; there is no cave inside it.

Pokemon Diamond how to get torchic?

Trade from pokemon soul silver or another pokemon game

Can you trade pokemon from diamond to soul silver?


Where you get mew Pokemon Silver?

you can not you can only get it in diamond and pearl

How do you fight elekid in Pokemon diamond?

use a rock type pokemon.

In Pokemon Diamond at sunny shores city how do you get to the rock that is a Pokemon?

its for decoration

Where can you get a Cranidos in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You need to transfer it from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Do you need a national pokedex to trade diamond Pokemon to soul silver Pokemon?


How do you get to the top of mt silver in soul silver?

have a Pokemon who knows rock climb and rock smash

What is sudowoodo in Pokemon Silver?

a rock Pokemon disguised as a tree

How do you conect to Pokemon soul silver from Pokemon diamond to trade Pokemon?

Go to the Union Room.

What games can you migrate Pokemon to?

pokemon diamond pokemon pearl pokemon platnium pokemon heartgold pokemon soul silver