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Should be on the driverside right under the front windshield after lifting the hood

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94 Thunderbird starter will not turn over?

If a 94 Thunderbird starter will not turn over, the battery may be dead. The battery should be charged with jumper cables.

Where is the starter relay for 94 Nissan Pickup?

inside starter

Is there a starter relay on 94 Nissan Maxima?


What does a starter relay cut off switch look like on a 94 dodge spirit 3.0?

where is the starter relay cut off switch located on a 94 dodge spirit

How do you replace a starter for a 94 Ford Thunderbird?

go check in iraq, you commie. comprendo?

Where is starter motor relay located on 94 s10 jimmy?

left front fender well

Dose a 94 Thunderbird have a 4r70w for a transmission?


What is the greatest common factor of 46 and 94?

The greatest common factor of 46 and 94 is 2.

Where is the front wiper relay on a 94 ford explorer?

where is the window wiper relay on a 94 ford explorer

94 Volvo 940 won't start Intermitent problem Solenoid doesn't click battery good is there a relay or other ignition switch?

Check the neutral safety switch Check battery cables for looseness or corrosion change the ignition starter relay found in the engine bay goggle ignition starter relay to view it.

94 civic ex wount start with the key but will start if i hot wire or bridge the starter i already replaced the main relay is their a seprate relay for the starter circut?

check the ignition module. you might have to take apart the steering colum so i would go get a Chilton manual

Where is cooling fan relay located in 94 Acura Legend?

"Where is cooling fan relay on 94 acura legend?"

Increase 94 by half of 46?

94 + 23 = 117

Where is the ac relay located on a 94 Acura Vigor?

The ac relay on the 94 Acura is located under the hood. It is in the relay box mounted near the battery.

What could be the problem when the engine won't turn over on a 94 cougar?

Low or bad battery. Bad connections on battery posts. No connection through the ignition switch to the starter relay. Relay defective. Cables loose. Starter bad. A simple voltmeter is very helpful on these repair problems.

Where can you find the fuel pump relay on a 94 Plymouth acclaim?

where can you find the fuel pump relay on a 94 plymouth acclaim?

Where is the blinker relay on a 94 Saturn?

under the radio, in the relay and and fuse box, gray relay

What is 46 plus 48?


94 gmc sierra 350 V8 and when I turn the switch it won't make a sound I have already replaced the starter relay switch and starter and battery terminals what should I do to fix ths problem?

you need to have the starter solenoid checked. also check thew ignition switch

What will you need to put a supercharger on a 4.6 v8 for a 94 ford thunderbird?


Location of starter on 94 Pontiac sunbird?

the starter is under the car by the oil filter

Is there a starter fuse in a 94 firebird?

there is a ignition fuse under the hood, no starter fuse

How do you install a starter on a 94 Chevy Lumina v6 3.1L?

Place the starter into the starter position and secure it with the starter retaining bolts. Connect the starter cables to the front of the starter.

My 94 Chevrolet S10 will not start it makes a clicking sound when the key is turned from inside the cockpit. Is there a relay or fuse that could be the problem and not the starter or solenoid?

If the starter is clicking when you turn the key then the relay is not the problem, more likely is the battery and starter wire connections. Take them off and clean them before putting them back on ( have the battery checked ) corrosion will cause the symptom you described, however there should be a starter relay in the engine compartment fuse panel. If the truck is a standard transmission, it could be the Neutral safety switch, which is located under the clutch pedal. However, most likely it is the solenoid on the starter, I just had the same problem, time for a new starter.

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