Where is the 'Sleeping Man Mountain' in Italy?

At the coordinates 44 degrees 28 minutes 58 seconds North 10 degrees 39 minutes 33 seconds East is located the "Sleeping Man Mountain" of Italy.

Specifically, the 2,121-meter/6,959-foot mountain is located in the commune of Villa Minozzo. That commune is situated in the northern Italian administrative region of Emiglia Romagna. Villa Minozzo is about three (3) kilometers away from the regional border with the central Italian region of Tuscany.

Among the commune's most scenic points is Monte Cusna, a mountain of the northern Appennine Mountains of the Italian peninsula. The mountain's three most popular nicknames are as follows:

1. "Uomo morto," or literally "Dead man";

2. "Uomo che dorme," or literally "Man who sleeps";

3. "Il gigante," or literally "The giant."