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I have not seen the film, however, the only "gas for less" that rings a bell is on Lincoln Ave. just north of Irving Park Rd.
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In Buffy the vampire slayer who replaces Giles as Buffy's Watcher?

Wesley Windham Price replaces Giles as her watcher. Buffy quits the council in the end of season 3, leaving her "watcher-less." In season 5, she demands that Giles be reinstated as her watcher.

Why do elephants have small eyes?

Elephants have small eye so that there is less eye and less dust can be blown into them.

What number is 10 less than 2 000?

Subtraction of 10 from 2000 gives the required number. 2000 - 10 = 1990 is 10 less than 2000.

What are the release dates for Sweet Dreams - 2000 Less Is More?

Sweet Dreams - 2000 Less Is More was released on: USA: 2004

What are the issues that when deciding where to build power station?

away from urban areas and less distance from fossil fuel areas to power station

How to open stuck thermostat?

change it....change it.....they are less then ten bucks, alot cheaper then a blown head gasket

Where can swisher sweet cigars be purched?

a less than reputable gas station

How could you identify the less coil number side of a transformer?

By measuring its resistance with an accurate multimeter provided the coil is not blown. If less resistance compared to that of the other coil would decide that it is less number turn.

5'0 143 lbs how may weight watcher points can I have?

I am a female 5'2"...and my daily points is 19. You should be around 19 or less if you are not on the flex plan (& if you are a female).

What is 2472 rounded to the nearest 1000?

It is 2000 because 400 is less than 500

What is deal on wheel watcher you have played awhilewhen iget to over 3000 points it drops back to less than a1000 wheel watcher is ajoke ive had it with them?

The site points from the earlier year expire on March 31 if you are not a Sony Credit Card holder whose point expire after 5 years to the day

How high are Altocumulus cloud?

They are 2000 meters or less

What is the nearest thousand of number 2345?

It is: 2000 because 300 is less than 500

Distance from Xian Railway Station to Terra Cotta Warriors?

Less than 1.5 hours from the railway station to the Qin Shihuang Mausoleum where Terra Cotta Warriors located. there are some buses near the station that can take you there.

How does the flute change pitch?

Flute changes pitch by the amount of air blown into it. Less air=low ; more air=high

What are altocumulus clouds are made of?

they are 2000 meters tall or less

How much does a PlayStation 1 cost in dollars?

well if the play station 2 cost 100 dollars then a play station 1 must cost 50 dollars or less.

What is the amount of CFC in the atmosphere in 2000?

The amount of CFC in atmosphere in 2000 was less. It was because Montreal Protocol had been started.

How many people die by sharks?

Less then 2000.... So 1000

Is 20 grams less than or greater than 2 kg?

20 grams is less than 2kg. 2kg is 2000 grams.

Is Grand Central or Penn Station closer to Times Square?

Penn Station is closer. Penn Station is less than half a mile south of Times Square, while Grand Central is a little over a mile east of Times Square.

How do you remove a 2000 ford expedition xlts key-less entry system?

You need to refer to the service manual to remove a 2000 Ford expedition XLTS key-less entry system.

How do you get to winsdor from London?

Take a train from Waterloo Station. The journey takes less than one hour.

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