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Where is the 'TNS Relay' located on a 1997 Mazda 626?


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In the fuse box under the hood. The fuse box is on the left side of the car and has a black plastic cover. The underside of the cover identifies all of the fuses and relays and will show which one is the TNS Relay.

AnswerThe TNS relay on a 97 626 is on the right side (sitting in seat) near the radiator. When you open the hood its going to be on your left. There are three relays mounted on a thin metal brace.The TNS relay it the one closest to the front of car. To remove slide a screw driver between the relay and the metal bracket, work with it some and it will pull up. You will notice two blue and white wires and a light green wire and a orange wire with a gray spot every inch or so. Both blue and white wires come from the Tail fuse, 15 amp , that's located in the fuse/relay box near the air cleaner. One of the blue and white wires and the light green wire goes to the coil of the relay. The other blue and white wire provides the hot(when relay is closed) to the orange wire that goes to the parking lights. If this relay or the switch on the turn signal stalk is not working correctly the rear lights and the front amber parking lights won't work. Head lights and brake lights will work. You can ohm out the coil from one of the blue/white to the green. Its the one that's diagonal across from green. You can use small jumpers with clips(that are needed in most electrical trouble shooting)and hook straight to battery plus and negative. When you hear the relay click, its closed. Then ohm the other two posts on relay(other blue/white and orange) to see if relay actually closed. Of course the relay has been pulled loose from connector. If you have power from one of the blue/white wires to batt. neg. and relay is good, check the switch on the stalk. Its real hard to get it to pull off but it will. I had to pull real hard then stick a screw driver in and pry. Its messes the plastic up some but it will pop off.Be careful not to stick screw driver in too far cause it will mess up switch. Its one of those switches that looks like it would be in a old radio. You will notice a green , red , and blue wire. Mine had a broken solder connection on the green wire. I used a razor knife and slit the black plastic tubing near the seering column so I could work with the wires. I stripped the insulation back on the broken green one and resoldered it back to the little terminal on the switch. It took 2 days after work to figure it out but I saved a bundle from not going to the repair shop and didn't have to replace the stalk which I've been told can be over $100. If you notice, the Orange power wire to the rear lights and suff can be seen on the right side hinge on the trunk lid. Pull the plastic conduit apart and you'll see that same orange wire with the gray spot every inch or so. A Haynes Repair Manual for Mazda 626 and MX6 Ford Probe 1993 thru 2001 has really helped me in several problems with this car. That 16 dollars has saved me several hundred. Well anyway that's where the TNS relay is. Big AL.

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The cooling fan relay on a 1998 Mazda 626 is located in the engine compartment near the firewall. It is housed in a protective box with latches.

will a 1997 Mazda 626 transmission or engine interchange with a 1999-2002 Mazda 626 transmission or engine

On a 1997 Mazda 626 4-cyl, the (electric) fuel pump is located inside the gas tank.

The fuel pump relay on a 2002 Mazda 626 is located in the engine compartment on the driver's side. It is in a bank of relays just behind the battery location.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1999 Mazda 626?

In the relay block in the drivers side engine compartment. The Relay labeled EGI Main.

what year? possibly located on the firewall, or on the wheel well

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I found a place where I think it should be a relay on my 1996 Mazda 626. That was under the hood in the fuse box. Im searching to see if I really need a relay to make the AC work. I think that's why my AC isn't working.

The 1995 Mazda 626 fuel pump relay switch can be found attached to the frame, next to the gas tank. The relay switch should be labeled as such.

I have a 99 Mazda 626 and my starter is located right next to the oil filter.

Where is starter on a 4 cylinder mazda 626?

on my 1997 Mazda 626, it's located on the left hand side bottom of the engine where the bottom radiator hose goes to the engine. hope this helps you.

The Mazda 626 turn signal relay switch can be found below the dashboard on the drivers side of the passenger compartment. The turn signal relay switch should be labeled as such.

Where is the thermostat located on a mazda 626 2002

on a Mazda 626 there is a fuel pump relay check to see if you have a power signal from the relay to the pump, if so make sure there is power to the pump.

The 1993 Mazda. reverse light switch is located below the shifter column. The relay switch can be seen by removing the center console.

Its the largest of the relays located under the hood fuse and relay box next to battery.its black and has 4 prongs.

You can adjust the camshaft on your 1997 Mazda 626 with the camshaft adjustment bolts. You can access the camshaft adjustment bolts by removing the cylinder heads.

Mazda 626 1.8Ltr 1997-2002 Engine code FP Is an interference engine.

its in the back of the rear left tire on top

If you need to ask this question I would recommend getting the plugs done at a mechanic.

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