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Blinker box is located directly above the fuse box under the dash on the driver's side. It is a square module accessible once the kick panel is removed. Very easy.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-15 06:54:07
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Q: Where is the 'blinker box' on the 1992 Geo Storm?
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Where is the latch to open the hood on a 1992 Geo Tracker?

in the glove box

Where is the hood release on a 1992 Geo Metro?

The hood release on a 1992 Geo Metro is usually in the glove box. It is in the top left side inside the glove box.Ê

Where is the computer for a 1993 geo storm?

The computer is a litle silver box under the drivers side dash.

Where is fuse box located on 1992 Geo Tracker?

Fuse Box is located,,on the Drivers Side,,under the dash board

Where is the latch to open the hood located on a 1992 Geo Tracker?

The hood release is in the glove box.

Where are the fuses on a 1991 Geo Storm?

I have a Geo Storm and my fuse box is under my hood on the left side upper corner. There is also a fuse box by the drivers left foot on the side wall under an easily removable cover (no tools needed). That is the location of the "Cigar lighter" fuse.

Where is the blinker switch on a 1995 ford explorer limited?

in the fuse box,if you mean the blinker relay.

Where is the blinker relay switch on a 2003 Chevy S10 Pick up?

the blinker relay is behind the glove box

Where is the Blinker relay in a 1990 sundance?

Under the fuse box

Where on a 1992 Geo Metro would a blower motor be locacated?

The Blower is mounted under the passenger side glove box high on the firewall

What causes the turn signal to blink so slow?

try replacing the blinker under the dash that little box that makes the blinker sound

Where is the fuse box for the headlights on geo storm 1990?

The fuse box is in the lower left kick panel on the driver side. Also check the headlight relay that is located under the hood on the right or driver side next to the fender in a little black box.

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