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if it has one, which is unlikely because it is pre 2004, when these were introduced for diesels, it will be within 30 cm or so of the driver's right knee, possibly under a flap somewhere.

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can anyone tell me where to find the OBD2 plug in on a 1999 cougar?

The obd2 plug is under the knee board (under the column).

The 1999 Mercury Cougar OBD 2 port is under driver side dash left of steering column

mine is a 1999 and the setting is 0.9mm. plug type: bosh FR7D+

The OBD2 plug is located under the drink holder under the center console.

92-96 Hondas in general have OBD1, not OBD2 and therefore no OBD2 / diagnostics plug.

wire diagram for 1999 Ford F250 diesel glow plug relay

Acura Legends do not have obd2 plugs. They are all OBD1.

i hope i am correct if a diesel hasn't actually got spark plugs only ejectors

you can find the sump plug in rover spares department.

92-96 Hondas in general have OBD1, not OBD2 and therefore no OBD2 / diagnostics plug.

Some benefits to using a diesel run Range Rover instead of petrol include cheaper prices, higher gas mileage, and no sparking is required to ignite the fuel. As the diesel engine requires no spark plug in order to ignite you save on overall maintenance costs over the years.

477 8578 drain plug 488 2049 drain plug sealing washer

Diesel engine doesn't use spark plug.

Sump drain plug is 13mm hexagon A 13mm 6 point socket will remove it.

the glow plugs are located under the valvecovers should be 8 of them

There is no OBD plug as found on OBD2 compliant vehicles. But there is a plug under the hood. Click the links.

Hi,i have a 2001 rover and the plug is under the dashboard directly under the steering wheel...

Black OBD2 plug, located under steering wheel, below panel .

There's an OBD2 port on the LH side of the dash, under the steering wheel... you plug an OBD2 scanner into there.

The "plug" powers an coolant heater. A diesel engine starts easier if the engine is warm.

Hi, Not sure about the 00 model - most OBD2 plugs are close to the central ashtray. However on my 2003 Seat Ibiza the OBD2 plug is on the left side of the car - below the steering wheel on the left is a tiny glove compartment. Remove that compartment and behind it you'll find the plug. Took me 30 minutes to find! Blaise

OBD2 stands for "On Board Diagnostics Revision2" It refers to the way all auto manufacturers are supposed to implement the on board diagnostics. To read the diagnostic codes, plug an OBD2 scanner into the port and allow it to perform it's magic. For your Saturn, the scanner port should be located below the dashboard, next to the steering column.

on the passenger side below the glove box door is the obd2 connector.

under the flap beneath the ashtray

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