Where is the 1st spy on poptropica spy island?

First of all,you need a chamellion suit. You get the suit by going to Spyglass Eyewear.Then,talk to Doctor Spyglass,and ask for an eye exam.Click the opposite letter.So,if he points to W you'll click M.Then he'll say that Director D. sent you and to follow him.Then,you'll go outside and climb up the ladder nextdoor.Once you go in you'll see Director D.,talk to him.He'll give you the suit.Put the suit on and head to the docks.Go all the way up,and you'll see a b.a.d guard and a house. Go inside and pass all the dogs.Next,you'll see a spy. Jump on the thing above the door.Then,jump on the one with boxes.After that you'll see like a sliding board thing go in it,click on the spy,and he'll give you a laser pen and some papers,I think.