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Hi, I just want to ask about this. What is its function? I've spent a couple of hours reading and can't find an item named this. I need a bit of help in an identification. Can any one help please? Thanks. Steve H.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-16 23:11:57
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Q: Where is the 97 Geo Tracker transmission lockout solenoid located?
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Where is the Torque Converter Lockout solonoid on a 94 grand Cherokee 318 v8?

It is inside the transmission, on the valve body. It is the solenoid with the long pigtail.

Where is the torque converter lockout solenoid located on a 1995 dodge ram 2500 diesel?

It is on the inside of the trans, on the valve body.

Will Geo Tracker front lockout hub interchange with a Kia Sportage?

i do not think so, geo tracker was not made by Kia .

Geo Tracker 1997 Automatic transmission not going into gear when driving and when sitting still it is not going into gear What could be the problem you just had the clutch bell crank replaced?

I just bought a 1997 Geo Tracker with A/T. My service engine light is on. The technician told me that a TCC code appeared. The transmission also slips when cold. It doesn't go into gear quickly when cold. The TCC I've been told is the transmission lockout solenoid, or I was told it could be a problen with the throttle position sensor.... Tomorrow it goes to a reputible garage for diagnosis.... stay tuned sportsfans...

Why automatic transmission ford escort 1996 1.9 before you start the car when press the break you hear some noise and then when you put shifter on D it goes on neutral or without pressing the clutch?

the noise you hear when stepping on the brake is a solenoid activating the lockout on the transmission. it stops you from putting the car in gear unless you step on the brake.

97 Escort engine starts OK but won't shift out of park?

There is a shifter lockout solenoid in the console that is activated by the brake light switch. Check to see if your brake lights work. If they don't, you probably have a bad brake light switch, or a broken wire at the barke light switch connector. If they do, then you might have a problem with the shifter lockout solenoid itself. I have seen a lot of those go bad because of a build up of syrup from spilled sodas in the cup holder over the years. If the brake light fuse is blown your transmission will not shift out of park.

Is overdrive always in default option?

For cars that have an automatic transmission, overdrive lockout turned 'off' (overdrive will engage), is the default option.

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Where is the torque converter lockout solonoid located on a 1994 dodge ram 1500 2wd 318 and does it require transmission removal for replacement?

the solonoid is located inside the transmission, once the pan is removed i believe that it is located on the passenger side close to the front. I would find exact instructions but the back yard mechanic can do this with basic tools. If you're interested it shouldn't be too hard to pull the pan and look (only 2 solonoids inside with electrical connections - 1 for converter and 1 for o/d).

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Starter problems can be caused by several things: Weak battery because of battery failure or alternator that is not charging the battery. Falty connection between the battery and the starter. Solenoid failure or bad connection on the solenoid. Starter failure. Neutral lockout switch failure. Bad connection between keyswitch and starter.

How do you fix a 2007 Holden Barina's locked transmission on parking shift?

with engine not running,turn key to on then put transmission in neutral then start engine this will usually fix the problem also check fuses there is one fuse that will cause the lockout if fuse is blown