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replacing AC air intake Filter is rigth side, under glove box.

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Q: Where is the AC Air Intake Vent on a 2000 Toyota Solara?
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How to replace air vent switch for a 1998 Toyota Camry?

how to install replace air intake hose toyota camry 1998

Where is the vent solenoid on a Toyota solara?

You may need to be more specific with your question. I've searched the generation II Solara service manual and there is no reference to a "vent solenoid". It would help to know what year or which generation Solara you need information for and whether this has something to do with the heating/air conditioning system or some other part of the car. Another alternative is to download a factory service manual from Toyota Information Services or pick up a Chilton manual for your car from a local auto supply or Cheers

Why does your air conditioning compressor cycle on and off when you turn the vent fan on only meaning you have not turned on the air conditioner Toyota Solara 2000 V6?

Check to see if you've turned the defroster on. The AC runs in that mode to dehumidify air inside the car. Cheers

How many fan in the laptop?

One cooling fan, one intake vent and one exhaust vent.....

What is 2001 solara diagnose code p0446?

P0446 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction Cheers

How do you repair Toyota solara po446?

That error code means: P0446 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction. That 'probably' (and I stress probably) means there's a problem with the EVAP vacuum switching valve. That's located on the side of the long black intake tube connecting the air filter and throttle body. All that valve does is sense pressures in the engine intake and fuel tank systems then opens and closes when necessary to vent fuel vapors into the charcoal canister. If your car is fairly low mileage check with the dealer. Emissions equipment is warrantied much longer than most other components on the car so the fix could be covered by Toyota. If not, you can at least get a better idea what to look for while talking with a certified tech. Cheers

Why is water in intake vent of air conditioner?

The A/C extracts water from the air.

Where in a 1999 Toyota Corolla is the back window defroster button?

It is on above of right vent the button is there on the top of middle vent console

Where is the vent valve on a 2000 Hyundai Elantra?

fuel vent valve is on the top of the gas tank

Where is a purge or vent solenoid on Kia Sportage 2000?

purge or vent solenoid for what ? Kia sporatage does not have one.

How do you repair p0446 on my Toyota Camry?

Replace the evaporative vent valve. It closes in order to seal the vent so the system can pressurize and ensure there are no leaks.

How do you retrieve jewelry that has fallen into the Front intake vent in a Honda CRV?

stick + chewing gumm

Where is the transmission vent located on a 2000 jeep Sahara?

on the transmission

Why would 2002 grand Cherokees make a noise like a vent or something is closing when you turn the jeep off?

Because a vent is closing. Its the fresh air intake closing.

Gas tank won't take gas at pump?

clogged intake line or restricted vent tube.

What actors and actresses appeared in Du vent dans les cannes - 2000?

The cast of Du vent dans les cannes - 2000 includes: Vincent Berthevas Paul Borne

How do you replace the center vent cover on a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE?

Just pull it out by the two slots under the vent ajusters.

Where is canister vent solenoid on 2000 corolla?

Is in the cover of the air filter

How do you reduce noise on a air intake vent on an air conditioner?

add a 10 foot piece of flex duct

Why does the outside air vent open every five minutes on your Mercedes E 250?

To intake air for the engine

Where is the ect power button on a Toyota Tacoma?

Below the left Air Conditioner vent on a 2004 Tacoma.

Why does blower only blow air threw the floor vent on my 2000 gmc safari?

check the vacuum lines on the intake manifold. also check the vacuum tank on the right side of the engine to make sure it's not cracked.(plug it off)

How do you get rid of mold smell in my cars air conditioning unit?

a great down-and-dirty way is to get a can of lysol, turn on fan and "recirculate", which might be "max a/c" in your vehicle, find the recirc intake vent (the vent in the floor area that is drawing air in 'recirc' mode, or not blowing air when vent is on "high", usually on passenger side), turn fan about medium, and spray lysol in intake vent until lysol mist exits the vents. Then shut down HVAC and let the lysol disinfect.

When installing a septic system is it a good idea to have a fresh air intake for the tank?

The fresh air intake would be the vent from the roof of the house that allows the system to breathe, unless the sewage lines are plugged

2000 gmc fuel lineswhat is 3 line needed for?

Vent to charcoal canister?