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Where is the AC cabin air filter in a 20023 Hyundai Sonata and how do you replace it?

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2004-10-26 14:56:06
2004-10-26 14:56:06

most vehicles dont have one check with the dealer

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just replaced a torsion spring on handle of Toro model 20023 21" personal pace took handle apart and screws that hold brass cross bar where spring fits into "replaced and it works"

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The headlight and turn signal are mounted on one housing held on by three bolts and a ball joint type snap.The lower two bolts can best be accessed by first removing the amber turn signal, this is done by removing the screw located between the white headlight lens and the amber turn signal lens where the headlight and side marker are split.Pull the amber lens straight forward to remove it.Now you can see the lower two bolts that hold the headlight assembly in, one inboard and one outboard.The third bolt is inboard of the light and to the top, you'll have to push the rubber seal to the side to get to it.Once all three bolts are removed you'll have to pull forward on the whole bracket and get the ball joint to pop out of its housing. Its easier and cheaper to buy the whole unit (Housing,turn signal,headlight)then it is to try and take the headlight off the housing and just replace it. Bulb replacement for the headlight is through the engine compartment.Turn signal bulbs are replaced by removing the turn signal housing as described above.

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