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The drain is either kinked or blocked. It'll be under the front, behind the motor close to the centre of the vehicle where the firewall meets the floorpan. OK here is the real and EXACT answer... As the Dodge service department advisors are a bunch of morons because I got a different answer from each of them and they had me looking for a "tube" behind the passenger front wheel. 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.0 liter to be exact: The evaporator's condensate drain pipe is located inside the engine compartment behind the alternator. On the passenger side of the firewall you will see a 3/4" black plastic pipe extending out from the firewall directly out towards the front of the vehicle. It is only about 1/2" long and you will be amazed at how hard it would be to find without real assistance. I was able to find it myself when I noticed where the evaporator plastic housing was located inside the vehicle on the passenger side and I notied that it appeared that a "pipe", as part of the plastic evaporator housing seemed to extend right through the firewall towards the front of the vehicle. It seems the design is to have the condensate water "spatter" against the alternator belt so as not to drip and make a puddle??? Thanks again to the Dodge service team for NOT knowing what the hell you are talking about or more probably intentionally misleading the self-servicing public. My next family vehicle will be a Honda Odyssey and I'll probably never have to do this to it (clear condensate drain).

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Q: Where is the AC condensation drain on a 1998 Dodge Caravan?
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