Where is the AC condenser drain hose in a 94 Jetta?

Hi, I am not sure if the drain hose in a 94 jetta is in the same position as in a 95 jetta.

In a 95 is below the glove box, to the left of the passenger side, in my case I found its location because it was not draining correctly, and the passenger side floor had a lot of water below the floor mat, so after a while I located it.

(The drawing below doesn't look fine on this page, maybe copy/paste to notepad and using "Courier" will make it ok). |----------------------------------------------------------| | | | | ----------------------|----------|-------------------------- Drive Wheel | RADIO |____________GLOVE BOX____| |AC Control|-------------------------| |----------|*<- HERE IS THE DRAIN HOSE | Ash Tray| ------------ <br> <br> On my 96, there is a drain plug in the engine compartment located on the firewall, <br> behind the heat shield. After pulling the shield up, I noticed that there is a cutout for <br> more convenient access so you don't have to tear up the shield by lifting it. HTH, <br> Kevin