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Where is the AC drain tube at for a 99 grand prix?

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It should be on the passanger side fire wall, you should be able to see it from under the car. Hope this helps

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Your 99 grand prix shifts hard when it is warm?

Some 99 Grand Prix vehicles will shift hard when it is warm. Not all of these vehicles will do this.

Is the transmission the same in the 99 supercharged grand prix gtp as in the 2000 supercharged grand prix gtp?


How fast is a 99 grand prix gt?


Where is the Charcoal canister location on a 99 grand prix?

The Charcoal canister for a 99 Grand Prix Gt in in the drivers rear tire well. you have to remove wheel and then a plastic cover to get to it.

What type of freon do you need for a 99 grand prix?


How do you drain the tranny fluid on 99 grand voyager without removing oil pan?

You can insert a suction devise down to dipstick tube.

Does anyone know how much an engine compression test would cost on a 99 grand prix gtp?

An engine compression test on a 99 Grand Prix GTP can cost $180

Your sunroof will not close on your 99 grand prix?

it starts to close and stops

Is a 99 grand prix gt bumper cover compatible with a 01 grand prix gt?

In short, yes. Long Answer: Yes they truly are the same.

How do you replace a crankshaft position sensor on a 99 grand prix gt?


Where is the low pressure ac valve on a 99 Pontiac grand prix?

The low pressure port on the 99 Grand am is on the passenger side. It is right against the firewall.

Will a 99 grand prix transmission work in a 01 supercharged grand prix?

Yes, as long as they are both 4T65E transmissions they will easily replace each other, everything is the same.

How to change the 99 grand prix cabin air filter?

It doesn't have one if its an SE.

What year Grand Prix have interchangeable parts with a 2004 Grand Prix?

The GP was redesigned in 2004 so parts are only interchangeable with 2004 or later. 99-2003 wont work.

How do you turn the lights off on a 99 grand prix?

You don't they have daytime running lights (they are on when the car is on).

Where is the Orifice tube 99 grand prix?

It is under the vacuum brake booster on the drivers side. Gm manual calls for removal of the booster to ease access. Alot of work for a 5 dollar part.

Where is the drain plug for 99 grand am?

i found the drain plug on my 2.4L under the exhaust manifold. These cars are ridiculous to work on :(

Will a motor out of a 99 lumina fit in a 2000 grand prix?

no it will not. most grand prix have 3.8l v6 while most luminas have 3.1lv6. the only lumina that has 3.8 is the ltz model. Also most of the 3.8lv6 found in grand prix are supercharged but if it wasn't from the factory then it wont be compatible

Why does 99 Grand Prix shift hard during city driving?

transmission pressure control solinoid

Where is your ecu on your 99 Pontiac Grand Prix gt?

Under the air filter in the air cleaner box

Where is AC drain on 99 Chrysler town and country?

cannot locate AC drain tube on 99 town and country. Water in drivers floor board, only when running AC.

How do you change the resistor and blower motor on a 99 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged?

Buy a Chilton's repair book.

How many hours does it take to replace a transmission in a 99 Ponitac grand prix gtp?

book pays 9.6

Is a Monte Carlo engine compatiable with a 99 Pontiac grand prix gt?

If it is an equivalent year/bodystyle, yes

Can grand am rims fit a grand prix?

There are lots of different sizes so backspacing may be a problem but I believe the 88-92 grand prixs have the same bolt pattern as the 99 and up grand ams 5x115. 85-98 grand ams are 5x100 but so are 99 and up grand prixs