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Where is the AC fuse located on a 1990 Toyota 4Runner?

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The fuse box on a 1990 Toyota 4-Runner is located on the inside just in front of the door. Open the cover on the fuse box, and look at the fuse diagram to locate the AC fuse. Gently pull the fuse out, replace with same amperage fuse and make sure the AC works. Replace the fuse box cover.

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It's behind the glove box. The glove box has to be removed.

Fuse block in engine compartment right side.

The fuse box on a 1990 Toyota Hiace is located on the driver's size below the steering wheel. The fuse box has a cover over it.

Im having problems removing the A100 fuse from a 99 Toyota 4runner from behind the battery

underneath the driverside left knee.behind a small accessory panel

It is not located in the trunk it is located under the hood.

86-93 its on the driver side foot kick panel. By the fuse holder.

There is a fuse box located to the left of the clutch pedal on the wall of the truck tucked directly under the dash. You need to be a contortionist to get at the fuses though.

Where is the brake fuse on a 1990 Toyota previa

Driver side engine compartment. Contains fuses and relays. Location is printed on fuse box cover.

I need to change the fuse on the horn and hazzard lights on 1990 toyota pickup, what amp should I use?

If its for 1995 4 runner and older, it's on relay block #3 located behind the globe compartment..(right side, on the pillar)....

never heard of a car or truck having them . but would say if you remove the fuse for the ingtion that would help

It is on the left side of the dash. It is located just under the dash.

It is located with the rest of the fuses under the dash between the steering column, and the left kick panel. The fuse cover will be marked with fuse identification.

The fuse for the sunroof in the Toyota Celica is located in the driver's side kick panel. The sunroof fuse is fuse number 6.

A fuse box diagram is found under the fuse box. There is a sticker imprinted underneath the cover of the box a 1990 Toyota Corolla.

where is the fuse located for the 2006 Toyota corolla

The 1993 Toyota Camry ignition fuse is located in the fuse box. The ignition fuse will be in the first column, fourth from the top.

is there a picture of where the horn fuse is located on a 1990 ford ranger

The horn relay can be found in the fuse box under the hood. The 1990 Toyota Camry horn relay is found in slot 12 and is rated at 10 amps.