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AC clutch relay is inside the fuse case within the engine compartment.

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Q: Where is the Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch Relay located on a 1999 Chevy cavalier?
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Where is the compressor clutch relay in 1999 rover 200 20 diesel?

The air conditioning compressor clutch relay is located on the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The relay switch will be labeled.

Where is Air conditioning compressor clutch relay on 2001 Bravada?

Its in the fuse block - underhood.......

How do you change a AC compressor bearing in a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?

You cannot change the compressor bearing, however, you can change the clutch bearing. Which one is bad? Is there a noise when the clutch is engaged, or not engaged?

What is an air conditioning clutch bearing?

The bearing lets the belt pully free wheel on the compressor input shaft that the clutch is attached to.

When you recharge your air conditioning the compressor will not come on?

If the compressor will not come on at all, it is not because the system needs charging. Check for a blown fuse, disconnected wire at the compressor, or a defective compressor clutch.

Why would the air conditioning stop working when car stalled in pooled water?

The A/C compressor is clutch driven, when electricity is applied to a coil, it engages the clutch. Most likely the coil shorted out in the A/C clutch on the front of the compressor.

What caused an air conditioning compressor to turn on or off?

Most automotive AC compressors use a cycling clutch compressor, where the clutch is engaged by pressure switches which will engage the compressor clutch when the pressure reaches a predetermined low level, and disengages it when it reaches a predetermined high pressure.

How AC compressor clutch bearing?

The clutch bearing for an AC compressor is located in the center of the clutch. If the bearing goes bad, then the clutch is replaced as a whole part rather than changing the bearing.

Where is the air conditioning compressor clutch relay on a 2002 jeep?

It is inside the under hood fuse box.

Why Would your 1997 Toyota RAV4 air conditioning compressor suddenly stop engaging?

could be your a\c clutch in the compressor.?. or maybe pressure leaks.

How to remove the Air Conditioning clutch from a Lincoln mark VIII?

The clutch has a bolt or nut in the center, connecting it to the compressor. After the nut is removed, the clutch can be removed by use of a gear puller.

Why would the air conditioning compressor on a 1999 Chevy Cavalier not come on?

Low on freon, faulty pressure switch, faulty clutch. Jumper the low pressure switch with a paperclip (can running, AC on), if the clutch cycles, it's either low on freon, or the low pressure switch is bad.

Why air conditioning compressor clutch engage and disengage every second?

This happens to keep the fluid in the compressor viable. If it sits too long, it can become unusable.

Already changed fuse and air conditioning compressor clutch assembly but no power going to cause the compressor to kick on to pull back the clutch so that compressor kicks on what could be the cause?

What specific kind of vehicle do you have? It does sound like the clutch may be bad, but we also need to know what you are working on. You need to run power straight from the battery to the compressor. If is still does not engage then you need to replace the compressor and clutch, they are dead. If they do engage, then you have a wiring or computer issue.

How do you replace the air conditioning relay in a 1995 camaro?

You have two relays, one for the a/c compressor clutch and one for the blower. The a/c compressor relay is located under the hood in the electrical distribution center. The a/c high blower relay is located inside the vehicle attached to the HVAC duct.

Where is the bleeder screw for the clutch located on a 1996 Chevy cavalier?

I'm having a hard time finding the bleeder screw for my clutch on a 96 Chevy Cavalier 2.2? Can you help?

What does it mean when your car air conditioning compressor clutch keeps cycling off and on?

Probably low on freon, you may have a leak in the system.

Why does a 2004 Honda Civic's air conditioning make a funny sound when just starting to accelerate?

It could be a worn out belt, a bad pulley or even a bad compressor and or compressor clutch.................

If clutch on air compressor is disengaged and noise continues is the compressor bad?

If the clutch disengages properly then the compressor should not be running. Most likely the clutch itself is bad instead of the compressor.

How do you replace the air conditioning clutch assembly on a 2000 dodge caravan 3.0 V6?

There is a special tool that will pull the clutch assembly off of the compressor, available at your local parts store!

Ac compressor clutch 2002 ford focus?

The ac compressor clutch is mounted on the front of the compressor and is a replaceable part. However depending on the complexity of the clutch change out it may be overall better to change the compressor and clutch together.

What is an AC compressor clutch and what does it do?

The AC clutch is on the front of the compressor where the belt rides. When power is applied to the clutch it engages to turn the compressor. It is basically a magnet a/c compressor clutch is the ound thing on the front of the compressor with pulley wheel attached. this clutch is an electro magnetic clutch that when electricity is supplied, engages so as the a/c compressor is driven ,which can then pump freon thru the ac system

How do you replace air conditioning compressor clutch on 2001 Ford Windstar SE?

Advice is to replace compressor the clutch goes bad only when the compressor goes bad on this model. They are sold to guys that rebuild compressors. Napa has the best price for clutches if you still want to try. Ebay there is a guy that sell rebuilt compressors for just a little more than the new clutch.

Why is the Air conditioning pump not working on Vauxhall Astra?

Possible causes could include: Failed air-con on/off switch. Wiring fault. Compressor clutch fault. Blown fuse. No gas in system. the clutch on the compressor has a fuse and it was blown. i soldered across the fuse and the clutch is now working. also if there is not enough gas the clutch will not engage as well.

What is a WAC relay on a FORD Explorer?

The WAC relay is a solid state relay usually used to control the air conditioning compressor clutch.