Ford Crown Victoria

Where is the Crown vic radio antenna located?


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Your Antenna is located on the back window of the car


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It is located behind the dash to the left of the radio/heater controls.

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most crown vics nowa days have a double din radio but the older models like early 90's to 80's has a single din

the 97 crown vic transmission is for the car and the interceptor is police car

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The thermostat housing is located at the front of the engine just beneath the distributor.

it is underneath your alternator,it must have a black wire to the sensor

A 1997 Crown Vic motor will fit a 1993 Crown Vic, both cars came with the exact same engine from the factory.

on my 98 crown vic you have to push in the head light switch

NO, not in my experience. The 2010 Crown Vic factory harness is wider that the harness that would connect to the OEM wiring in the 2008 Crown Vic. I am currently awaiting a replcement that according to a Crutchfield rep. should work.. After I described the configuration of the pins in the factory harness, he stated that it sounds like it is just the regular adapter that fits some of the 2010 and up Ford products, but I didn't show up on the Crutchfield website as being a mate to the 2010 Crown vic since they only listed harnesses for up to a 2008 Model Crown Vic.

On my 1988 Crown Vic, The fuel filter was located on the passenger side, right in front of the rear tire, tucked up on the frame but the models of the '85 and '88 crown vic are different. but i hope this helps you.


The fuse diagram on a 95 Ford Crown Vic is located on the cover of the fuse panel and within the repair manual. It makes the process of locating each fuse much easier.

Chuck Versus the Crown Vic was created on 2007-12-03.

its inside the altenator. on most newer cars.

Under the car, passenger side, up near the exhaust.

where is starter relay located on 03 crown victoria ======================================================== On a ( 2003 ) Ford Crown Victoria : The starter relay is located in the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment . It is the ( # 302 relay , one of the four large relays )

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depends on the year of the crown vic got to be more specific

I believe that means the power distribution box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment

Under the car, passenger side, up near the exhaust.

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