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I have a 96 2.0L 16 valve 4 cylinder, so this may be different on your car. The first thing you want to identify is which of the two O2 sensors need replacing. The good ting on mine was that both were the same model so I could buy one and not have to worry which was bad. I new it was my pre-cat. sensor and located it towards the passenger side right below one of the tubes going into my radiator. It will look quite small in diameter compared to the new one, if you get the Bosch model at least, and looks like a wire going into the end of a device about the diameter of a pencil that then goes into the exhaust pipe right before it makes a 90 degree turn towards the rear. Its tip is quite larger than the body of it and it will be sticking out of the pipe on the passenger side. If you are looking for the post-cat. sensor, it is located a little more than half the distance to the rear of the car and is also in the exhaust pipe. I hope this is helpful. If further assistance is needed, just ask. daman155

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Q: Where is the Dodge Avenger oxygen sensor?
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Where is the bank 1 sensor 2 oxygen sensor on a 1997 dodge avenger?

It is the sensor below the catalytic converter.

Where is the maf sensor located on a 1998 dodge avenger?

It does not have a maf sensor.

Where is the location for the downstream oxygen sensor on a 1997 Dodge Avenger?

Downstream O2s are on the outlet side of the catalytic converter(s).

Location of speed sensor on dodge avenger ninety six?

There are two speed sensors on a 1996 Dodge Avenger, an input speed sensor and an output speed sensor. Both are located on the front of the transmission.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1997 Dodge turbo 3500 5.9 Cummins diesel?

A 1997 Dodge with a Cummins diesel does not have an oxygen sensor.A 1997 Dodge with a Cummins diesel does not have an oxygen sensor.

Dodge avenger speedodometer quit?

most likely the speed sensor

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 2000 Cummins 5.9 Dodge diesel?

A 2000 Dodge Ram diesel does not have an oxygen sensor.

WHere is the Abs sensor in the 1996 dodge avenger es.?

There is one at each wheel.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 2005 dodge diesel truck?

It doesn't have an oxygen sensor.

What is the location of oxygen sensor for 1989 Dodge Dakota?

The 1989 Dodge Dakota oxygen sensor can be found on the top of the engine. The oxygen sensor will be on the back side of the air cleaner housing.

How do you change a cam positioning sensor for a V6 1995 dodge avenger?

replace the distributor

How can you find a knock sensor in dodge avenger 1996?

The engine size is needed to answer your question.

Is the cam position sensor on a 1997 dodge avenger located in the distributor?

On the v6, yes.

Where is the oxygen sensor 95 dodge neon?

The oxygen sensor is screwed into the exhaust, behind the engine.

When was Dodge Avenger created?

Dodge Avenger was created in 1995.

Is an oxygen sensor and fuel temperature sensor the same sensor on a 2002 dodge stratus?


How do you Reset oxygen sensor dodge ram 1500?

The oxygen sensor can not be reset and must be replaced if defective.

Where is the cam shaft sensor located in a dodge avenger?

The camshaft sensor is located on the drivers side top of engine at the end of the valve cover.

Where is the crank shaft sensor located in a dodge avenger?

The crankshaft position sensor is located on the top of the transmission. It is located close to the bell housing.

Where is the battery temperature sensor located in 96 Dodge Avenger?

Never heard of a battery temperature sensor being installed in any normal vehicle. Some race cars yes, but not in a daily driver such as your Avenger.

Can you clean an oxygen sensor on a dodge 5.9 360 magnum?

You can not successfully clean an oxygen sensor. You need to replace it.

What kind of socket is needed to change the oxygen sensor on 97 dodge caravan?

It is called an oxygen sensor socket.

Where is the oxygen sensor located for a 2005 Dodge Durango Hemi 5.7?

The oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust system on a 2005 Dodge Durango Hemi 5.7. There is a sensor located before and after the catalytic converter.

1998 dodge avenger 2.5 check engine and air bag light stay on?

There are several reasons the airbag light will stay on, in your 1998 Dodge avenger. The most common reason is the airbag sensor is not functioning properly.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9?

The oxygen sensor is mounted in the exhaust down-pipe