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Where is the ECU on a BMW 520i?

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what year? adamski (

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Where is the fuel filter on a BMW 520i?

how do i locate fuel filter on 1994 BMW 520i

How many cylinders in BMW 520i?


Where is the battery located in your 1992 BMW 520i?

The battery is located in the trunk on a 1992 BMW 520i. it is on the right hand side, behind the carpet panel.

Does the BMW E34 520i differential fits on a BMW E34 535i Automatic?


How much cost microfilter for BMW 520i?


Does a 00 BMW 520i have a timing chain?

It has a chain

Does the BMW 520i 2000 have cam belt or chain?


Where is the CD Changer in 2005 BMW 520i?

It is located in the glovebox.

Does the BMW 520i 1998 have cam belt or chain?

nether it has a badger

Where is the ecu on 1995 BMW 525 tds?

where is the ecu on 1995 bmw 318

BMW 520i brake fluid?

brake fluid type and filling location

How do you find date of manufacture of BMW 520i se auto?

On the underside of the bonnet.

What is the horsepower of a 1995 BMW 520i?

150hp @ 5900 rpm 190NM @ 4200 rpm

What is the problem when the speedometer drops while driving BMW 520i 2000?

You have slowed down.

Does the BMW 1991 520i m50b20 engine use a timimg belt or chain?

Timing chain

Where is the battery on a BMW 520i Auto 1996?

Look either in the trunk or under the rear seats

Where is the oil filter on a 520i BMW?

omg you dull??? its right there in front of you in a canister housing with a 10mm bolt on the top.

BMW 1997 523i immobilizer type?

como posso desbloquear o imobilizador do meu BMW serie 5 E39 520i do ano 1997 /98

BMW 328i ecu change now non start?

You must re-program ECU for your VIN

Why can't i remove ignition key on1996 BMW E39 520i auto?

the ignition barral will relese the key when the car is in park

After changing visco fan your BMW 520i 1993 still hot temperature raise to 100 degress celciuss why?

i hsd the same problem with my 1990 520i. replace the fan clutch. your fan is not spinning fast enough. if that doesnt work replace the radiator.

Where is the 1987 BMW 635csi ecu dme relay located?

there is a relay on the inner fender the ecu is in the back of the glove compartment

What type of battery for BMW 520i m20b20 e34?

UK battery type 067 size 278mm long 175mm wide 190mm high.

Where is the ecu on the 1986 BMW 325e?

passenger side above the glove box

Why 1987 BMW 520i spark reaching distributor but no spark at plug side Could it be a faulty air flow meter?

Could be bad dist. cap or rotor