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Where is the EGR valve on 2002 Mazda millenia?


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The EGR valve is connected above the water hose on the 2002 Mazda Millennia. The EGR valve is responsible for lowering the temperature of the fuel.

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how much does it cost to replace to egr valve on the 2002 mazda protege

is located in the back of intake, aorund the middle of it close to firewall

I am getting ready to replace the EGR valve on my 1995 Mazda millenia. It is located at the back of the engine in the center at the top. It bolts on with 3 bolts. It will be a triangle shape. You will have to have a mirror to see it well. Any auto parts store should be able to show you exactly where it is.

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Where is the EGR Valve on a 1996 Mazda Protege located at?

Were is the egr on a 1992 mazda protege

Were is the egr valve on a 99 Mazda progege 1.8

It's attached to the back of the intake manifold, under the bracket that supports the wiring harness.

There is no egr valve on a 1990 Mazda MPV 6 cylinder

Remove the air breather and its underneath.

The 2002 Mercury Mountaineer EGR valve can be found in the engine compartment, on the firewall. The EGR valve will be labeled as such.

I Called the Mazda dealer today and talked with the Mazda Tech and asked him the location of the EGR valve on the 1992 Mazda b2600i. According to the tech only the California models have an EGR valve, I would think that any state with similar laws about vehicle emmisions would require the egr valve also. My truck is from Montana and it doesn't have an egr valve which explaines why I havent been able to find it.

The EGR valve is located at the right rear corner of the intake manifold, near the firewall. before unbolting the EGR valve, disconnect the vacuum line. - Mazda Repair Manual

There is no EGR valve on the 2002 4.3L (code W)

It is located under the trottle body. Milt

The 2002 4.3L has an EGR valve, at least mine does.

The 2002 Grand Vitara EGR valve is located on top of the engine. The EGR valve will be between the engine and the battery.

The EGR valve on your 2002 Chrysler Town and Country can be found attached to the firewall in the engine compartment. The EGR valve will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

location of egr valve on 2002 kia spectra

There are some model 2002 Trailblazers that do not have an EGR valve installed. If your vehicle does have an EGR valve it would be located on the top right side of the engine behind the intake air valve.

on my 02 millenia the check engine light is also on. i work for a dealership,so i plugged in the ecm reader(ecm is the cars computer) and it read out that my egr valve was bad. as long as the light isn't blinking than u either have bad o2 sensor or the egr valve. either one being bad will only cost u a mile or two on ur gas mileage.

How do you replace the EGR Valve on a 2001 Ford Escape?

According to Hayne's Repair Manual #36071, Chapter 6: 2002 and later 3.0L engines are not equipped with an EGR valve. If you think your vehicle still may have an EGR valve, it is located at the right rear corner of the intake manifold, near the firewall.

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