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The EGR on the 97 merc is on the back left side on the intake near the firewall. I have had sucess with cleaning out the throttle body and pathway to the erg for clearing the MIL or check engine light for odb codes related to excessive and inexcessive flow rates in the egr. Open the hood and locate the air box for the air filter. Connected to this is a large semi flex tube with a clamp at each end. One at the air box and one at the throttle body. Just remove the clamps and push open the butterfly valve and spray out the insides with carb cleaner. Note, if you have low miles, under 100k, I would not recommend this, because they seal them with a coating and you may cause further problems. However, if you are like me you will have over 100k. I have 127k on mine. Don't start the vehicle right after this. Spray it out several times and and let if dry out. You can prop a screwdriver in the spring just to the right of the TB valve. It is tight to try to remove the egr in your driveway. One of the two screws is ok to remove and the other is very difficult with standard tools. If you wish to see what the egr looks like check out autozone or parts America web sites and search for egr and I know at least one of them has a picture of one.

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