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As I recall, that engine does not have an EGR valve.

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Q: Where is the EGR valve on a 1993 Pontiac 23?
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What does error code 23 mean on a 1991 Lumina 3.1 liter engine?

EGR valve I believe

How do replace a egr valve for 2005 3.8 v6 grand caravan?

1. Disconnect and isolate negative battery cable. 2. Remove accessory drive belt 3. Remove generator mounting bolts and reposition generator 4. Unlock and disconnect the electrical connector from the EGR valve. 5. Remove the 2 EGR tube bolts.1. Install a new gasket on the EGR valve.{| |- | 2. Position EGR valve to cylinder head and install the 2 mounting bolts. 3. Tighten EGR valve mounting bolts to 31 N·m (23 ft. lbs.). 4. Position EGR tube to EGR valve and install the 2 mounting bolts. 5. Tighten EGR tube mounting bolts to 13 N·m (115 in. lbs.). 6. Connect electrical connector to EGR valve. 7. Install generator mounting bolts 8. Install accessory drive belt 9. Connect negative battery cable.|}

Where is the egr valve on a Ford Tempo 1993 4-cylinder 23 L Thank you?

I've been to my local ford dealer and ordered the EGR Valve and asked at the same time where it's located. He provided me with a picture illustrating it. It's attached on the right side of the manifold. I will need to take off a plastic cover in order to get there. It's on the opposite side of where you put the oil after a motor oil change... Hope this helps... Danny

How many gallons of a gas does a 1993 Pontiac bonaville take?

The 1993 Pontiac Bonneville takes 18 to 24 gallons of gas depending on the engine model that you purchased. This car got about 23 miles per gallon on average.

Have a 95 Saturn sl1 with automatic transmission with diagnostic code 32 egr valve and transaxle code 23 24 but no slippage in trans changed fluid filter and egr valve reset codes still no change?

start with the EGR actuator; it's the small, coil looking device that is just above the EGR. As I remember, error codes 23 and 24 are on the same multiplexor with the EGR actuator and replacing a faulty actuator often solves the problem. Just clearing the code does no good if the computer still detects a problem. If the problem still exists, the computer will set the code immediately, and if the problem is repaired, the computer will clear the code itself.

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How do you remove the egr valve on a1995 Ford Thunderbird?

I have a 94 T Bird with the 4.6 V-8 which I am attempting to replace the EGR valve. The EGR valve is extremely difficult to get to, its located to the right rear corner of the intake just inboard and to the rear of the right valve cover, I am still in the middle of trying to remove my EGR. So far from what I done is to try to agin access to the EGR, I removed a coolant hose that connects to the back of the engine to gain access, there's a couple of rubber hoses and lines that are blocking access, the unit is very unaccesible, there's a metal exhaust line that is screwed into to the back of the EGR valve with what appears to be a 22 or 23 mm nut, from there the EGR valve is mounted to the back of the engine with two small bolts and there's also a gasket which seals the EGR unit to the engine ,like I said I'm still struggling to gain access to my unit, the biggest problem is the tight area between the firewall and the engine where the EGR is mounted. On top of that there's a bunch of obstructions, hoses engine pieces ect, the key is to remove as much stuff around the EGR as possible to gain access. Good luck, I'm about ready to give up on mine and take it to a repair shop, hopefully you fair better than me.Mike-- joker_102877 --Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Disconnect the wiring connectors to the air cleaner, Mass Air Flow sensor, EGR vacuum solenoid, and DPFE sensor. Remove the air intake assembly (up to the throttle body). There are two vacuum lines from the EGR vacuum solenoid, find where they reach the EGR valve and the intake manifold, disconnect them at these points. There is a rubber hose coming from the firewall to the top of the engine, disconnect this and push it aside. Remove the nut directly below this hose (this nut holds the bracket that the DPFE and EGR vacuum solenoid are mounted to). Follow the mounting bracket around and remove the smaller nut holding it on. Have some tape ready to mark two hoses. Make a note of which hose is the "Hi" and "Ref" on the DPFE sensor and remove them. Remove the DPFE/EGR vacuum solenoid assembly. Congratulations, now you have access to the EGR valve!!Slide the heat protective sheath back on the EGR tube (you need to see the tube, to make sure you are not turning the tube itself!!) The EGR tube and EGR valve will likely be rusted very badly. Spray some PB Blaster at the EGR valve/EGR tube connection, and between the nut on the EGR tube and the tube itself (the nut is supposed to be able to move independently of the tube). Attempt to loosen the nut. If you manage to break it free, ensure you are not turning the tube itself and crimping it. If you can't turn it, use a blow torch and concentrate the flame on the fitting on the EGR valve side (heating metal expands, and could loosen it enough to break it free). Once the EGR tube is disconnected, remove the EGR valve mounting bolts (2). Installation is the reverse of removal.-- joker_102877 --

What is the gas mileage for a 1993 Pontiac Trans Am?

The 1993 Pontiac Firebird or Formula with the 5.7L LT1 and 4-speed automatic has an EPA estimated fuel economy of 22-miles per gallon highway and 15 city. The optional 6-speed standard transmission offers 23 and 15 respectively.

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