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It is the cylinderical sheet metal thing about the size of the bottom of a pop can located not far from the black plastic shield that covers your throttle linkage stuff on the top of your engine. It is to the upper left of this shield.

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Q: Where is the EGR valve on a 94 Ford Tempo?
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How do you change egr valve on 94 ford f150 xlt?

Take it to a garage.

Where is the Egr valve on 94 Acura Integra?

I was informed by carl a tech at honaccurate, a reputable shop in boulder,CO that 94 acura integra does not have an EGR valve.

Where is the egr valve located on a 1994 ford aerostar?

I have repaired my vehicles for over 40 years, the engineers at ford have finally hidden a part from me, I have been looking for 3 weeks I cant find the EGR VALVE on the 94 3.0 liter aerostar.

What is an indication of a bad EGR valve for a 94 Ford Tempo?

hard to start loss of power rough ideling real bad fuel econemy; it may stall when you stop at stop lights or stop signs etc. or slow down to turn corners

How do you replace the egr valve on a 94 ford ranger super cab?

You dont. In most cercumstances it is unnecessary. Try replacing the EGR valve position sensor (DPFE?) that should clear up any issues. if not then take it to a certified mechanic

How do change clutch in a 94 tempo?

To change the clutch of a 94 Tempo, one needs to make use of Ford Tempo clutch kit. This kits is available at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Can you bypass the egr valve 0n a 94 5.7 350?

You can bypss the EGR by putting a bolt in the vaccum line going to the EGR valve blocking the EGR solenoid or alot of people make a plate replacing the valve with a plate but it will set the check engine light its better to just fix it.

How many oil filters are on a 94 Ford Tempo?

Just the one?

Where is the ERG valve on a 94 Geo Metro?

do you mean the EGR valve? it's at the base of the intake manifold

Where is the egr valve on a 94 Cadillac deville 4.9?

top of intake behind fuel rail

Where is the EGR on a 94 GA V6?

EGR valve, tube, sensor, or canistor? The Egr system returns unburnt fuel to the engine through the manifold from the exhaust pipe Look for a knobby type thing like a propane regulator on the left side of the engine, that's the EGR valve

Where is the egr valve located in a 94 Chevy Camaro 5.7?

The EGR is located on the back of the intake manifold, check out they'll have most of your answers.

Where is the EGR valve on a 1993 Ford Probe ES?

The E.G.R. Valve is located below the intake manifold, close the throttle body between the engine and the firewall. I owned a 1993 probe with an automatic transmission. It did not have an EGR valve. I gutted the car and replaced the complete wiring, suspension and running gear with manual transmission out of a 1994 SE, the 94 had the EGR just as stated above. It also changed it to an OBD2 diagnostics port.

What would make egr valve blow out in 94 dodge 1500 with 318?

Restriction in the catalytic converter.

Will a 94 Saturn SC2 motor fit a 95 sc2?

Through the 90's, all SC2 engines were mostly interchangeable. There was a difference in the head, requiring the use of a different EGR valve. If the replacement engine does not use the same EGR valve, it is possible to create an adapter to use the older style EGR valve.

Can the ac pulley on a '94 ford tempo be bypassed with a smaller belt and no additional pulleys?

i know for a fact that a 93 tempo can be...the size belt is 62"

What does it mean when you have oil in the air filter of your '94 Ford Explorer?

Change the pcv valve in the valve cover.

Does a 94 ford mercury sable transmission have a valve body?

could the vale body be bad on my 94 ford truaus keeping it from shifting right

Whats the valve lash on a 94 Ford 302?

usually .0020

Where is the egr valve pressure sensor on your 94 mercury cougar?

Back left,tucked at top and wedged up to the firewall.

94 ranger 2.3 with code for inadequate egr flow detected egr solenoid resistance good replaced egr flow sensor due to code egr solenoid supply voltage is good egr valve is good what else can you check?

Most likely the inside of the EGR valve assembly and/or associated tubing is plugged with exhaust deposits. You'll probably need to either disassemble the EGR assembly to clean it out or replace the assembly entirely.

Where is the ac low side service port on a 94 ford 30 liter?

is it an Aerostar, a Taurus, a Ranger, a Tempo?

Where is the EGR valve located on a 1993 Ford Explorer?

The EGR VALVE is located on the right side of your engine. Behind your AC compressor. Apperance: It is a small rectangular metal box. With a VAC hose going in the right side and one coming out of the bottom. The above answer is incorrect. ON a 1993 ford explorer the a/c compressor is on the left side of the motor and the egr valve is not electronic in nature and is not a small square box. so what and where is it then im sure its like my 94. theres a tube coming up from the exhaust manifold. going to the valve with a vacuum line going to it too.

How do you change egr valve on 94 pick up?

Simple, Remove air breather assembly then looking from the front of your tuck, behind the left side of the TBI you will see you EGR. Remove the EGR bolts(2), gasket, and line. Replace it with an OEM spec EGR and gasket, connect line and your done.

Egr 94 ford f 150 the truck is running and when you turn on the lights the truck dies immediately?

have the alternator tested or replaced