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I purchased an EGR valve for my 2000 Cavalier and couldn not find it either. So I went to autoparts house and they looked to no avail. Then went to dealer who also could not find it. Hmmmmmmm, alas it does not have one. Why? Well, it is my understanding that certain government vehicles do not require one. Was mine one of them. I don't know. But I can tell you that all EGR valves are bolted to the manifold, and for cavaliers it is typically on the drivers side of the engine. Good luck with this one.

Not all cars have an EGR valve, government or not. It depends on the engineering designs of how cool the engine runs, and how much NOx is produced under load. If not a lot is produced in the first place, the converter would likely take care of it nicely.
some years makes models did not have one.

such as the 1992 3.8L engines for example

and others.

government has nothing to do with it. some of these engines with the pollution controls they were built with put out acceptable levels of nox and otrher gases low enough to not warrant the need of an egr valve.
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Q: Where is the EGR valve on a 98 Cavalier?
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There isn't a EGR on your 98. The last year that offered that was 90. There isn't a EGR on your 98. The last year that offered that was 90. There isn't a EGR on your 98. The last year that offered that was 90.

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426 hemi's ass

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