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Where is the EGR valve on an '89 Voyager 3.0 V6?

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EGR valve is on the back of the engine by the firewall. take off the air cleaner completely and then look down the back of the engine and you will see a round object with an elogated egg shaped base with 2 nuts holding it on. I replaced mine and my gas mileage went up to 26-27 miles to the gallon

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Where is EGR valve located on 89 Chevy Cavalier?

The EGR valve is directly under the hood on the 89 Cavalier.

How do you change the egr on a 89 Honda Civic?

The 1989 Honda Civic is not equipped with an EGR valve.

Where is the egr valve on an 89 f250 with a 351 engine?

The egr valve on the 351 engine is located on the left side of the throttle body on the top of the engine.

Where is the EGR valve on 89 s10?

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve on a 1989 S10 is located in the valve cover. It is toward the front of the motor.

Where is the EGR valve located on an 89 Oldsmobile delta 88 and is it hard to change?

The 1989 Oldsmobile EGR valve is located on the top of the engine, near the back. It is quite simple to change.

Where is the egr valve at on a 89 s10?

The round black object sitting bolted to the back of the throttle body. Entwined in the fuel lines; difficult to remove. If all else fails follow your tiny vacuum hose from the vrv valve.

Where do you look for problem causing an 89 Accord LX 2.0 to have double the limit in NOx readings?

Pluged air filter, oxygen sensor is bad, bad catlitic converter. A tune up can help. Use the cheap gas it has less hydrocarbons in it Check the EGR valve. It might be plugged up with carbon. The EGR valve allows exhaust gas to be recirculated back into the engine and if it is plugged up, this doesn't happen. The EGR valve is to control the NOx emissions.

Will the erg valve cause high rpm at idle than drop back down to 750 rpm..89 probe 5 speed?

it's an EGR valve and yes if there plugged and or stuck they will cause engines to idle very strange at times and or stall. had the same problem in my 89 GTA trans-am.

Where is the egr valve located on a 1995 dodge Dakota?

On the V-6 it is directly behind the carburetor, the Delphi model consists of 2 parts, the EGR valve that mounts into the intake manifold and an electronic assisted switch component that attaches to the hoses above it. You can't order the electric switch separate, comes as a complete unit, approx $89.

Why is my 89 suburban with a 350 surging?

Try your throttle body gasket...before the IAC ;) NEW ANSWER: The most common cause of that is the EGR VALVE. Check it first and make sure it is working right.

What is 30 percent off 89 dollars?

$89 * 30/100 = $26.70 $89 - $26.70 = $62.30

Why would an 89 Mark vii ping?

several posibilities, non functioning EGR valve, clogged EGR passageways, cheap fuel or dirty combustion chambers. If check engine light is on probably an EGR problem. if not try filling up with shell v-power and dump a can of fuel injector cleaner in tank. run that through and see if any better.

Where is the egr valve on a 89 mustang?

On the 5.0, it is on the back top of the engine on the passenger side near the firewall where the intake manifold is. It looks like a silver flying saucer, held on with two screws and has vacuum lines attached to it.

What are the engine differences between a 86 Celica gts and the other 4th generation celicas gts 87-89?

In the United States and Canada, the 86-89 3SGE engine are the same except for the location of the EGR tube. The 86-87 has an external EGR that hooked to the exhaust manifold. The 88-89 has an internal EGR that routes back into the cylinder head. The GT4, Alltrac, turbo was only on the 88-89 in the United States and Canada. 1987-89 celica engines are the same, besides the alltrac series which come with four wheel drive and a turbocharged engine

Which Barclay bank has sort code 20-30-89?

Barclays Bank pic, Park Gate branch, Sort code 20-30-89;

What are the release dates for Jeopardy - 1984 30-89?

Jeopardy - 1984 30-89 was released on: USA: 16 January 2014

What percentage is 30.00 of 89.00?

30 is about 33.71% of 89. 30/89 = 0.337078 x 100 ~ 33.71

Where is the PCV valve in a 89 Ford Probe?

On the 4 cylinder models, it is on the passenger side of the valve cover.

Skateboard is 89 dollars 30 percent off what is the discount price?

30% discount on $89 is $26.70. The discounted price would be $89 - $26.70 = $62.30

What percent is 26.7 of 89?

It is: (26.7/89) times 100 = 30%

What kind of oil does a 89 Plymouth voyager take?

the kind of oil this van takes is a conventional 10w30

Backfiring throw carb on 89 lemans?

Out of time or a burnt valve

Whats a code 34 on a 89 Isuzu trooper?

Code 34 is MAP/EGR code. Take your EGR valve off and clean it VERY WELL with carb cleaner. Take battery cable off for 5min and depress brake pedal to kill power to the system. If the light comes back on within a few miles, then you need a new MAP sensor which is about $40.

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