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Where is the E G R valve located on a 1994 ranger 40?


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2005-11-16 03:32:41
2005-11-16 03:32:41

its at the right rear corner of the intake manifold


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yes 2002 and later 30L are the only ones not equipped with an egr valve

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its mounted under the hood on the driver side fender

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I have repaired my vehicles for over 40 years, the engineers at ford have finally hidden a part from me, I have been looking for 3 weeks I cant find the EGR VALVE on the 94 3.0 liter aerostar.

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The polaris ranger speeds are, 500engine,40. 700engine,40-50. 800engine,55mph.

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You probably have a valve sticking in the valve body of the transmission. You can try changing the fluid and filter located inside the transmission pan. When you do put 1 bottle of Lucas Lube transmission conditioner in and fill to the required level. I myself have had good results with LucasLube for similar problems.

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