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its at the right rear corner of the intake manifold

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Q: Where is the E G R valve located on a 1994 ranger 40?
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Do all 1994 Ford Ranger 40 have an EGR Valve?

yes 2002 and later 30L are the only ones not equipped with an egr valve

Where is the ignition module located on a 1994 ford ranger with a 40 liter?

its mounted under the hood on the driver side fender

Where is the egr valve located on a 1994 ford aerostar?

I have repaired my vehicles for over 40 years, the engineers at ford have finally hidden a part from me, I have been looking for 3 weeks I cant find the EGR VALVE on the 94 3.0 liter aerostar.

What is the meaning of PN 40 in a valve?

Pn-40,means pressure nominal for a valve

Polaris Ranger speeds?

The polaris ranger speeds are, 500engine,40. 700engine,40-50. 800engine,55mph.

1994 ford ranger 4 0l xlt 5 speed manual trans when you start engine it has an adnormally high idle and takes 30-40 seconds to idle down and then when you hit the gas it does the same thing again?

Sounds like the Idle Air Control valve.

Why would a 1994 Ford Ranger with a transmission with only 35000 miles on it slowly shift not until it has reached about 35-40 mph and shifting seems to only occur when accelerator is eased off?

You probably have a valve sticking in the valve body of the transmission. You can try changing the fluid and filter located inside the transmission pan. When you do put 1 bottle of Lucas Lube transmission conditioner in and fill to the required level. I myself have had good results with LucasLube for similar problems.

What is Isuzu 4HF1 valve clearance?

40 intake 40 exhaust

What is the adjusTment of valvE tappet clearance isuzu 8pc1-2?

40 40

What is the cost of an original yellow power ranger figure?


Where can you get Pokemon Ranger for less than 40?

amazon uk

Where is the EGR valve located on a 1993 ford areostar van with a 40 engine?

I have a 93 4.0 and it has no EGR valve. My neighbor who is a ford mech. says some don't have EGR's and some have only one O2 sensor.

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