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On engine casing, passenger's side, on flange that bolts to transmission. Probably covered with engine gunk.

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Q: Where is the Engine serial number on a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder geo metro engine?
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Where is model on vertical 5 hp engine?

There should be a label on the engine shroud or on the cylinder head with the serial number and model number on it. The label is usually on the front side.

Where is the engine number located on a 1991 300zx non turbo?

the engine serial number is on the back of the block, behind the passenger side cylinder head. Not easy to access.

Where is the engine serial number located on a 66 mustang inline 6?

The engine serial number on1966 Ford Mustang(in-line 6-cylinder engine) on the driver's side fender, under the hood. On the engine look on the passengers side just above the freeze plugs near the bell housing

On the DD Form 2026 where would you input the engine serial number?

You would put the engine serial number under "Equipment Serial Number"

Where is the engine serial number on a 2.0 New Beetle engine?

The engine serial number on a 2.0 new Beetle engine is located on the crankcase. It is at the alternator support flange.

Kawasaki bayou 220 serial number lacatoin?

Frame number is located below gear shifter,slightly forward on bottom frame rail. Engine number is next to cylinder,exhaust side of engine,below exhaust

Where do I do A engine serial number look up?

The engine serial number is on a metal plate attached to the block, typically found on the left-hand side of the engine. The position of the engine plate varies across different engine series. You can find the position of your plate using the table below. Engine Serial Number composition

Where do you find the engine serial number on a Mitsubishi 6D14?

1961 serial number for 6d14 mitsubishi engine

Where is the engine number located on a fx35 Infiniti?

Engine serial number located passenger side, rear where cylinder head and engine block meet on large flat area. Very difficult to get to with engine in car. usually 6 numbers with one single letter followed by VQ35 in the case of the 3.5 litre V-6 engine.

Can you find your Yamaha serial number by your engine number?

No, the serial number on the engine is totally different from the VIN number on the frame. The only info you can get from your engine number is date and origin of manufacture. The frame VIN number and engine numbers are always different.

Where do you find the VIN Vehicle Identification Number on a 3000GTStealth engine The engine was replaced and I want to run a carfax report on the engine.?

The engine model number is stamped at the front left side (as you are looking at it) on the top edge of the cylinder block. Look under the top radiator hose to the right a little. The engine serial number is stamped near the engine model number. AA0201 to YY9990 . This description is right out of the manual

Where is the engine serial number on a 2005 Subaru Outback?

Engine serial number is on the rear of the engine top left side. Illustration appears to be on the flange that bolts to the transmission.

Where do you find serial number on a 135 Massey?

Tractor serial number stamped on instrument panel name plate, Engine serial number stamped on side of engine.

Where is Serial number on kawasaki engine?

The serial number is on the bottom left of the engine. It is sorta behing the frame. difficult to see.

Where is the location for a engine serial number for a Daihatsu Terios?

Your engine serial number on the Daihatsu Terios is close to the firewall on a silver plate. The eighth digit on your vin number tells you what type of engine you have.

Model t serial numbers where are they located?

The serial number on the engine would also be the vehicle identification number. Keep in mind the engine may have been swapped out during the cars lifetime. The engine serial number is located over the water inlet on the driver's side of the engine block.

Where is Chevy engine block serial number for a 327 cu in 1963 Chevy?

Serial number, and or engine or vehicle code are stamped on the cylinder deck on the right front of the block immediately in front of the right cylinder head. Casting numbers and date codes are on the right rear of the block just in front of the bell housing mounting surface.

Where is the engine number on a vege reconditioned engine?

It depends on which type of engine you're referring to; The VEGE serial number plate replaces the original engine number, and would normally be found in the same location as the original engine number. The plate will be silver in colour, with the VEGE logo, VEGE Code (part number, 4 digits), engine type, and six-digit serial number.

What year is a mercury outboard with serial number 9252733?

You may have mistaken the '1' for a '2'..if your engine is a 4hp 2 cylinder it dates from 1978.

How do you find out anything about your engine with your engine serial number?

Depends on the manufacture. On Chevy for instance, the engine Serial# will tell you where the engine was made, month, year, and vehicle it was installed in. Use Google to search for engine codes for your vehicle.

What 1998 ford engine has the serial number pf -978m6090-r75 on the block?

I'll take a long shot guess at this, but that appears to be the head casting number. Mine started with 970. My engine was the 2.0Liter 122cid 1900cc DOHC 4 cylinder engine, and i think its a Mitsubishi motor, if I'm not mistaken.

Where is the engine serial number located on a 1995 f-150?

Where is located the f150 engine serial number stamped in the block  

What year is an 80 hp 4-cylinder mercury outboard serial 3190428?

In addition to the engine serial number, the horsepower rating is needed to determine the year model for a Mercury outboard.

Where is the engine number located on a Hyundai Tucson?

The engine number likely refers to the serial number. On a Hyundai Tucson, you can find this number on the lower left side of the engine itself.

What year and what horspower is an Evinrude engine with the serial number 208B63CB2625?

To answer this question, the engine model number is required.