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Where is the Flasher Relay on a 1996 S 10 Pickup?

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2007-05-01 20:38:57

It's behind the panel to the left of the cigarrette lighter. You

need a Torx 25 screwdriver and another screwdriver for those hex

shaped screws, forgot the size. First unscrew the 2 Torx 25 screws

beneath the steering wheel. Then unscrew the rest of those Hex

screws on the bottom. The panels overlap, so be prepared for a lot

of unscrewing. You do need to unscrew the middle black panel on the

bottom, right beneath the cig lighter. It's held by two Hex shaped

screws, one on each side and are hard to unscrew. Also you need to

remove your spare change sliding tray to unscrew the last hex

looking screw. Once you pop your panel off, the turn signal flasher

is the right one. The Hazard flasher is the left one. You can find

a replacement part at Autozone, and DON'T get the $184 Flasher

switch, all you need is the signal flasher. It's shaped like a

cylinder with TWO prongs on it.

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