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Where is the Fuel injector relay located on a 1992 Dodge Stealth 3.0 V6 Part number is 058700-2721?

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there on one of the sides of the center console below radio you have to remove the fabric pannels close to your feet there a couple relays on both sides of this console not shure what side but its one of them

2006-12-09 17:08:13
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Where on a 1995 ford f250 7.3 engine is the nomber 8 fuel injector located?

where on a 1995 ford f250 7.3 engine is the number 8 fuel injector located I have hod a buzz test done on the truck thay said the number 8 fuel injector was not working so I need to know wrere is the number 8 fuel injector is located

Where is the number one fuel injector located on a 1993 nissan maxima?

the number 1 fuel injector is at the front of the engine towards the fire wall

Where is the number 1 fuel injector in a transit?

The #1 cylinder is located closest to the front of engine, which is where the pulley that drives serpentine belt is. Ensure injector is getting pulse before replacing.

Where is injector sensor on a 1997 Cherokee 2.5Td Limited?

on the number 1 injector

What does the diagnostic code p0202 mean for a 1998 jeep wrangler?

Fuel injector number two circuit malfunction.Fuel injector number two circuit malfunction.

Where is the number three injector in a 2001 Jeep Cherokee straight 6?

The third injector from the radiator.

Where is the thermostatlocationfor a rover 400 1998 r reg?

Its located under the inlet manifold rear of the engine. if you look at number one injector its dirctly below.

Who makes a flying model of the Stealth plane?

A wide number of manufacturers make models of the stealth B-2, F-117A and F-22, as well as the semi-stealth favorite the SR-71.

What will a diagnostic for a possible bad fuel injector say?

injector curcuit malfunction, then tells cylinder number. po200 to po206,

What causes the number 5 fuel injector to remain open and flood the cylinder with gas that then flows into the oil pan?

Bad fuel injector, or debris stuck in the injector not allowing it to close.

Where is the number 8 injector on a 2002 7.3 diesel?

The #8 injector is on the driver side and the way to the rear of engine also the only different injector from all others should have a blue plug if updated.

Where is the fuel injector fuse located on Geo storm?

It should be in the main fuse block under the hood on the 91 Geo storm its located on the drivers side under the hood above the wheel well. Its the number 3 fuse.

What if you have code P0205 on a 2001 Chevy Malibu?

P0205 means that the PCM detected a fault in the injector 5 or the wiring to the injector. Could be a bad injector number 5. Maybe the wires to the injectors or the PCM is faulty.

What is engine code p0202?

Trouble code P0202 means: Injector circuit malfunction - cylinder #2

Miss fire number 5 cylinder 2005 f150 stx?

check plugs, wires, or coil packs. on cylinder #5. But if your changing plugs or wires do them all at one not just #5. ------------------------- Dont forget to check the Fuel Injector also. You can test the injector by swapping the # 5 injector with the injector from any other cylinder. If the miss changes cylinder then the injector is bad.

Where is number 1 fuel injector located for 2000 BMW?

cylinder 1 is the one closest to the front bumper, and cylinder 4 or 6 is at the back depending on how many cylinders you have. But V engines are different

When my 5.4 Number 7 cylinder miss fire?

fouled plug 5 dollars bad coil 42 dollars or cloged fuel injector. run injector cleaner through it

How do you know which one is the number two fuel injector on you 2001 mercury villager?

The number two fuel injector is in the middle on the forward facing side of the engine. Windshield 1-3-5 2-4-6 Radiator/Front of car

What is code p0201 on a chrysler town and country?

Fuel injector number one circuit malfunction.

What is a P0203 trouble code for a Dodge Dakota?

P0203, injector number three circuit malfunction.

What is obd II CODE P0205?

P0205 is fuel injector number five circuit malfunction.

What would cause the number one cylinder on a 93 mercury topaz not fire?

First do you have spark at the end of the plug wire for the spark plug to fire. If yes, do you have fuel from the injector. If you have spark, then most likely no fuel. Check the wire feed to the injector. Or, could be possibly a blocked injector.

Can a number 2 injector check engine code on a 2002 Jeep Liberty be indicating something other than the injector?

A little difficult without knowing the exact code number, but in short yes. The wires could be unconnected or possibly some other problem.

Where is the number 1 injector on a cummins turbo diesel?

Number one is the cylinder closest to the radiator.Number one is the cylinder closest to the radiator.

Is code p0203 for a Jeep liberty a fuse?

Not likely, it is a fault with injector number 3, if it were a fuse it would be the whole injection system. You most likely have a disconnected wire connector, a bad wire, or a bad injector.