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Where is the Fuel reset switch on a 1986 Ford F150?


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There are images available online to help you see where the Fuel reset switch on a 1986 Ford F150 is.


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Locate the switch and press the reset button.

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Inside the cab, behind the passenger side kick panel.

In the right front passenger footwell , behind ( or by ) the kick panel

I believe it is by or behind the right front kick panel in the passenger footwell

In the right front passenger footwell , behind the kick panel ( according to the owners manual )

There isn't a reset switch on a 1983 grand marquis as Ford didn't put fuel injection into cars until 1986.

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1985-1988 ford f150 f250 and f350 or a 1994 f150 f250 and f350

To reset the anti-theft on a Ford F150 1999, put the key in the ignition. Turn the key halfway and leave it in that position before starting the car.

their is a button on the switch, u press it to reset the switch

A 1986 Ford F150 starter won't stuff off when the key is turned off if the ignition switch is jammed. This will cause the start signal to be sent to the starter continuously.

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The 1986 ford f150 has two fuel pumps. There is one pump mounted inside of each fuel tank.

the reset switch should be in the trunk on the right side

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multifunction switch in the steering column

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