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there is a fuse box under the hood behind the battery check in there.

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Q: Where is the Fuse for the Turn Signals in a 2001 Saturn L 200?
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Locations of the fuse for turn signals on a 2001 Malibu?

what is the answer to my question?

Why don't the turn signals work after replacing the headlight on a 2001 VW Beetle?

Check the fuse panel it is possible you blew the fuse needed to run the turn signals

Which fuse is for the turn signals in a 1992 Saturn SL1?

To find your turn signal fuse, check your owners manual. You will find a diagram of all the fuses and the location of each.

How do you replace the fuse for the left rear turn signal in a 2001 Mercedes?

if only one turn signal is out your looking at a blown bulb not a fuse as the turn signals are on one fuse if it blew none of your signals would work but to check anyway look in manual to find which fuse is turn signal fuse located fuse box and pull it

How do you fix the turn signals in a 2001 Passat that has stopped working?

Check fuse, bulbs, and flasher relay.

Where do you find the flasher relay in a 1995 Saturn SC1?

In the fuse pannel. You will have two of them in there and one is for your emergancy flashers the other is for your turn signals.

Were is the fuse for the turn signals?

In the fuse box. They are often labeled.

Which fuse controls the turn signals on a 1994 jeep Cherokee?

The fuse that controls the turn signals on a 1994 jeep Cherokee is fuse number 16. This is a yellow 20 amp fuse.

Why your turn signals or hazards do not work at all on your 2004 Saturn vue?

Check your fuses first. If the fuse is good replace the flasher relay.

Your turn signals stop working and fuse is good hazzard lights work but no turn signals?

my turn signals do not work in my 1992 Pontiac Firebird

Where is the fuse box on a 2001 harley Davidson sportser?

the speed cable hung up and no break lightsand turn signals

Is there a master fuse for the turn signals on a 95 Chevy Blazer?

Check the turn signal relay. The four way flasher and the turn signals each have their own relay. It has a fuse for the turn signal

Where is the fuse for the turn signals for a 1996 town and country?

I asked my dealer the same question and he said there is no fuse for the turn signals. There is a flasher assembley. If you think you blew a fuse check the flasher assembley but where is that?

Is there a flasher fuse for turn signals on 1998 chev cavalier?

Flasher and fuse

On a 2001 dodge grand caravan the gauges in the instrument cluster and the turn signals stopped working.I would like to identify the proper fuse and or relay?

Open the fuse box. Turn the fuse box cover over and you will see a complete listing and the location of every fuse.

Why are the turn signals not working on your 2001 navigtor mirror?

Blown fuse, defective turn signal flasher relay, or one or more of the bulbs are burnt out. More than likely if the other turn signals are working the bulb is just burnt out and needs replacing.

Is there a fuse for the turn signals on a 1995 Mark VIII and if so where is it?

Yes, fuse panel.

Fuse box diagram for 1993 Ford Ranger?

what fuse number is for turn signals

Where is the fuse for the turn signals located for a 2003 mistsubishi lancer?

The 2003 Mitsubishi turn signal fuse can be found in the fuse box. The turn signal fuse will be in the second column, fourth from the top.

Where is fuse for turn signal lights in a 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

The fuse for the turn signals is on the fuse block. The fuse block is below the dash to the right of the steering column.

Where is the fuse located on a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT that controls the turn signals on a trailer that is connected to the truck?

under the hood you should find a small 10A or 15A fuse. There is a separate fuse for the trailer turn signals.

I have a Mercedes E320 2003 and the turn signals do not work where is the fuse located?

My 2000 E320 fuse box for the turn signals is located in the panel to the left of the sterring wheel. You need to open the driver's door to see the panel. There is a card inside that provides the fuse location. We replaced the fuse for the turn signal position, however our turn signals still don't work- any ideas?

Why do your hazard light works but turn signals do not in a 2001 ford ranger already replaced flasher?

It should be the fuse, in the fuse box at the Driver Side, check for the number 10 Fuse (7.5 Amp) it might be blown

What fuse relay controls the turn signals on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter?

Turn signal flasher, fuse and/or switch Turn signal flasher, fuse and/or switch Turn signal flasher, fuse and/or switch Turn signal flasher, fuse and/or switch

How do you fix turn signals in ford expedition?

It could be as simple as a fuse. Or as hard as a multi-funtion switch. Which means the switch for your turn signals.