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behind the fuse panel left of the steering column

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How do you think water on a windshield turns the wipers on?

Some vehicles are equipped with automatic rain sensing wipers. They have a light sensor that aims at the windshield below the mirror. If the glass is wet part of the light reflect/refracts back and the wipers will come on.Some vehicles are equipped with automatic rain sensing wipers. They have a light sensor that aims at the windshield below the mirror. If the glass is wet part of the light reflect/refracts back and the wipers will come on.

Volkswagens Rain Sensing Windshield wipers actually sense?


Is it a law in Louisiana if you use your windshield wipers you must turn your light on?


What causes windshield wipers to vibrate?

Dryness will cause the wipers to vibrate or jitter against the glass. If there is not enough moisture on the windshield (for example, a light sprinkle of rain) the wipers may move with a jerky motion. Also, the wipers could be very old, and the wiping rubber/vinyl could have lost some of its softness and flexibility. If you mean vibration when they are not active, the wind against the windshield could cause them to flutter if they are not properly seated. A clean windshield and new wiper blades will usually cure the vibration.

Why do you have a flashing yellow light on your windshield on your 2001 Jaguar s-type up by the rearview mirror?

You have automatic rain sensing wipers and this is the sensor for the rain. If you turn the wipers all the way off or on, the light goes out.

What is green round light on 2000 Jeep grand?

If it is the light in the gauge console, it is to let you know the headlights are on automatically. Like when the windshield wipers are on, or that its dark enough to have them turn on.

Why would the wipers come on without being turned on when it rains or the car gets wet?

Many newer cars have automatic windshield wipers. These work with a rain sensor, usually mounted near the rear view mirror. The sensor uses infrared light to sense moisture- droplets scatter light, and the when enough light is scattered, the sensor decides that it's raining. It then signals for the wipers to come on. Dirt can also fool the sensor into turning the wipers on.

What is the fuse size for a 2003 Kia Spectra?

You need to add more info. Fuse for what. Radio, blower motor, head light.....??? For windshield wipers and wiper fluid

What should you check if the windshield wipers stopped working in an 89 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4wd?

The fuse, if not, then the switch, then the motor, but by then you will also need a test light and/or a DMM.

How do you replace the windshield wiper bright light switch in a 93 ranger?

You need to research and get your terminology correct. What you are asking does not exist. Windshield wipers do not have any lights associated with them. Come back with another question that makes sense. We will try and help.

How do you turn on rear windshield wipers on 92 Nissan Pathfinder?

I'm not sure if the 92's are the same as my 95 but you will find the switch on the end of your signal light switch (turn it)

What is the flashing amber light on windshield of your 2001 Lincoln LS It is below the rearview mirror and is only visible from the outside?

That would be the rain sensor. Not exactly sure how it works but if you take the wipers off of auto the light should go off.

What could be wrong if all the electrical seems to be working on a 2000 Mercury Cougar yet the windshield wipers will not work?

bad fuse, relay, wiring, or motor... get a test light and start trieng stuff

SRS and Airbag Off light illuminates intermitantly and windshield wipers stop when this happens on a Merc ML Help?

Hey there....not sure about the windshield wipers, but the SRS light sounds like a possible front passengers seat recognition sensor? This would also cause the passengers airbag off light to illuminate intermittantly, when someone sits in the passengers seat. I would recommend taking the ML to your local dealer so they can pull codes for the airbag control module, and tell you exactlly what the fault it. Could be a lot of differant items.

Is the sun an extended source of light?

yes, the sun is an extended source of light

Where is windshield washer fluid pump located on a Lexus rx 300 SUV located?

Passenger side. Directly below the filler tube. Behind the head light.

Where do you find interior lights for 1987 Cabriolet?

The interior light on an 87 cabriolet is located above the mirror just above the windshield.

What should you check first if the ignition cab light AC and signal lights do not work yet radio and windshield wipers do?

Hey JB==Check to see if there is voltage to the fuses. If not, something is wrong in the fuse box. GoodluckJoe

To wire the harnees for your CD player on 1997 Cadillac Catera?

im having troubles with my caddy.the door locks and dome light and tghings of that nature will only work when i turn the windshield wipers on.what could the problem be?

Why are high beams on 1995 Ford TaurusLX station wagon going off when turn off windshield wipers?

Probably a safety feature... The high beams will light up the rain more and thus give you less visability.

How do you turn on the headlight wipers on a 300e?

The head light wipers come on when you turn your regular wipers on.We own a Mercedes not because of people think its a status symbol,We have them because they are solid!!!

Where is the multi function switch located on 1997 town car?

On a 1997 Lincoln Town Car : The multi function switch is inside the steering wheel column cover The turn signal lever sticks outside of the cover ( also , the hazard light switch I believe ) It has switches for wipers , windshield washer , high beam headlights , turn signals

How do you turn off windshield wiper light indicator on 1997 toyota camry?

You need to refill the container with windshield fluid. If you do so, the light will go off.

Where is the windshield wiper switch?

on the signal light switch

Your 1998 VW Cabrio radio ac headlights windshield wipers just stopped working Anyone know why?

I just had this same problem with my 1998 VW Jetta. My parking brake light came on one day, but only half illuminated. Shortly after my windshield wipers and headlights stopped working. My radio works but the fans don't work either. I just found a thread which seems to point the problem at the ignition switch: