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Nazima died in the year 1975. She died young at he age of 27 only due to cancer. Her last appearances were in the film Ranga Khush and Sanyasi, both released in the year of her death.
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What happened to actress Baby Farida the one who played Manju the rich girl in the Hindi film Dosti?

Baby Farida now acts in TV serials. I saw her in a serial on Sony TV - some crime serial - where she plays head nurse in the Aruna Shanbag case covered. I was shocked to recognize her :) She is called Farida Dadi now. Answer baby farida and farida jalal are two different individuals... farid ( Full Answer )

Which is the Golden Era of Hindi film music?

Twenty Magical Years: 1955-1975 . That's easily answered. It's got to be a roughly 20-year period--let's say from 1955 to 1975. The most gifted composers were at their creative best in those years composing to words penned by great poets and the songs were vocalised by singers at the peak of their ( Full Answer )

Who played in double role in Hindi film SHOLAY?

1. Mushtaq Merchant - the guys who's bike is stolen and screams at JAi & Viru in the "Yeh dosti" song sequence. He is the same guy in the opening sequence - train robbery - in the film - the engine driver ...... \n. 2. OFCOURSE ..... thee coin ... both sides same :-)

What is Hindi film directors email id?

WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about persons famous or nonfamous alike, due to privacy regulations, and WikiAnswers policies.

List of Hindi film assistant director?

Two Hindi film assistant directors include: Farhan Akhtar and ZoyaAkhtar. Also, Imtiaz Ali and Shaad Ali are Hindi film assistantdirectors.

Which Hindi film has the maximum number of songs?

Indrasabha , a Hindi film released in 1932, had 72 songs. The film was based on Inder Sabha, an Urdu play and opera written by Agha Hasan Amanat, and first staged in 1853.

Is there any Hindi film heros gay?


Who played as a hero raja harish chandra in Hindi film?

D.D. Dabke - as Raja Harishchandra Raja Harishchandra (राजा हरिश्चंद्र), is a 1913 silent Indian film directed and produced by Dadasaheb Phalke, and is the first full-length Indian feature film. [1] The film was based on ( Full Answer )

Where is old Hindi film actress bela Bose?

The great Bollywood actress/dancer Bela Bose is still alive and nowadays in Las Vegas. She later decided to spent the rest of her life in the nightclubs and cabaret business, and she's doing so :) She's the wife of director/producer Ashish Kumar and have 2 children. :)

What is next Hindi film of Asin?

Asin Thottumkal delivered many Hindi hits, especially Ghajini opposite Aameer Khan. Other than Ready, she does not many Hindi films at hand. The fact that she might be losing her grip in bollywood is clear.

Which Hindi films won Oscar award?

first of all Oscar is an award which is given only to Hollywood movies(or movies released in America).Hindi films will get Oscar for the foreign language films section.But unfortunately no Hindi films ever made to an Oscar.But in 1992 Director satyajit ray(Bengali-Indian) got honorary Oscar.

Which Hindi film is the longest in terms of running time?

Mera Naam Joker - 1970 - 4 hours, 15 minutes . Director by showman Raj Kapoor, the 255-minute film was in the making for almost 6 years after it finally saw light of day. (Originally filmed for 5 hours, MNJ is still the longest Bollywood film). It is also the first Hindi film to have two intervals. ( Full Answer )

How many hindi films?

There are 1000s of hindi films. One cannot count because every now and then a new film is set to release. It is very good that these films make a lot of profit.

Which Bollywood actor has acted in most number of Hindi films?

The most popular villain and character artist of Hindi Cinema, who worked with almost three generations of Bollywood artists from 1940 to 2003 and appeared in more than 350 movies; is none other than PRAN. Shakti kapor has acted in more than 400 movies.

Where is old Hindi film actress zaheera?

Zaheera has been an actress in many Hindi films, with her last in1982 called Lubna. Her last known whereabouts is operating a datingservice in the United Kingdom.

Where is old Hindi film actress Alka?

I don't know where Alka is now (2013), but she acted in a Tamilfilm, Madhana Maligai, pairing Shivakumar. The title credits say"Introducing for the first time in Tamil...Alka". A link to the film can be found in related links.

Who is old Hindi film actress Shakeela's husband?

Shakeela is a famous Indian actress who started acting in the1990s. She has said, "My would-be is a Chennai based Business Man.I donÃ?t want to reveal his name now as somebody may try to hamperour marriage.'' Since his name is still unknown so is his age.

Did there is any Hindi film with no song in it?

It would be tough to say yes, as almost all the film has a theme song which goes in the background. Like Sarkaar and the song was (govinda govinda).B R chopda directed film KANOON and sunil dutt directed film YADDEN is no song with film.

Where is old Hindi film actress Kiran Vairale?

Kiran Vairale has not been acting since the 80s. The last film doneby Kiran Vairale was in 1985. The film was called Jawaab and KiranVairale played the role of Komal.

Who is the suparstar of Indian Hindi filme?

There are many superstars in Hindi film industry . Rajesh khana was the first superstar in Hindi cinema . In till date aamir khan , salmaan khan , shahrukh khan , akshay kumar , hritik roshan , etc. are superstars .

When was the Hindi film Aks released?

The Hindi film Aks (known in English as The Reflection) was released on July 13, 2001 in India and the United Kingdom. It has since been released on DVD.

What are some popular Hindi films?

There are many popular Hindi films across a variety of film genres. For example, films such as Dil, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Sholay and Talaash are popular movies.

Who starred in the 1989 Hindi film Chandni?

The film Chandni featured Sridevi, a notable actress who is married to director Bonny Kapoor. It also starred Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna. This film is a well known film of Sridevi's.

Who directed the 1997 Hindi film Mohabbat?

The 1997 Hindi film Mohabbat was directed by Reema Rakesh Nath. It had a running time of 180 minutes and starred Sanjay Kapoor. It was considered a flop at the box office.