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In London at the Olympia Grand and National Halls.

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Q: Where is the London International Horse show held?
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Which of these famous horse sHow is are held in LondonEngland?


What does WIHS stand for?

Washington International Horse Show

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Why were the first modern summer Olympics held?

To show the sprirt of international competition.

Where was the horse Show Jumping held at this years Olympics?

Yes there was! There was Eventing and Jumpers. There was also dressage but that isn't show jumping.

Why is the olympic equestrian sequence dressage cross country then show jumping?

The sequence you describe is for the sport of Eventing. The point of the sequence is to show training and discipline through Dressage on the first day. Cross Country is held on the second (or third day if there are a lot of horses competing.) To show the horse has bravery and stamina. Show Jumping held on the third (or fourth) day is to show that the horse is fit to continue service. The sport was originally called 'The Military' as this was how Calvary horses were tested. In the 2012 London Olympics the 3 equestrian disciplines were held in this order. Eventing, Show Jumping, and Dressage.

How do they get the horse to international equestrian competitions?

This depends on where the horse lives. If the competition is fairly close by then the owner will have the horse hauled in a horse trailer. If it is overseas they would have the horse flown in a specially designed aircraft, once they arrive they would haul the horse in a trailer to the show grounds.

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The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is the biggest Arabian Horse Show in the world.

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Euromonitor International's top city destinations ranking show London as the worlds number 1 tourist destination with 14.059 million visitors in 2009.

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