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A 1995 Bronco does not have an OBD-II port - OBD-II started on 1996 vehicle. 1995 Brocno would have OBD-I. The connector should be under the hood, on the inside wall of the driver's side fender near the firewall.

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Q: Where is the OBD-II port on a 1995 ford bronco?
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What type of diagnostic port on a Ford Focus?

Before 1995 = OBDI, 1995 and later = OBDII

Where is the OBDII port located in a 1991 Ford Mustang 2.3L convertible?

The 1991 Ford Mustang does not have an OBDII port, because OBDII was not standardized in the United States until 1996.

Where is the ObdII port location in a 1994 Ford explorer?

OBDII started in 1996... OBDI was not as standardised PLL.

No power to Data port On 1995 F-250?

Where is the location of the fuse that controls the OBDII Port on a 1995 F-250?

Where is the OBDII Port for 1993 Chrysler new yorker fifth avenue?

OBDII was mandated on all cars by 1996. Some 1994 and 1995 models had an OBDII port, but most (if not all) only provided OBDI information. These were called OBD1.5. I have never seen a 1993 model with an OBDII port.

How can you tell if your 1995 ford explorer is obdI or obdII?

1995 and later models have OBDII. ANSWER Actually it's 1996 and later Explorers that are EEC-V/OBD II , on some 1995 Explorers there is an EEC IV /OBD I test port under the hood, and a DATA LINK CONNECTOR (DLC) port for an EEC - V / OBD II system in the dash below the steering wheel.

Where is low side service port for ac on 1996 ford bronco?

iam look for my low pressure point on ford bronco 95

Where is the diagnostic port on a 1995 ford explorer?

The diagnostic connector is in the engine compartment on the left hand side between the battery and the fuse box. An adapter is required to read this port with an OBD2/OBDII diagnostic tool.

Where is the diagnostic port on a 1992 ford bronco?

under the hood on the drivers side by the hood hinge

Does the Rover 75 use the OBDII?

No, take a look under steering wheel. No OBDII port

Where is the OBDII data port on a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

The ODB II port is almost universally directly under the steering column and at the bottom edge of the dashboard - easily accessible from the front.The 1997 Ford Taurus OBD 2 port is on lower edge of dashThe 1997 Ford Taurus OBD 2 port is on lower edge of dash

How do you read diagnostic code from 1988 Ford Explorer?

There is no 1988 Ford Explorer. The vehicle went into production in 1990 for the 1991 model year, replacing the two door Bronco II;. As for the Bronco II, there isn't an OBD port.

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