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Where is the ODB2 connector on a 2000 Toyota Sienna?


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2005-03-04 21:32:26
2005-03-04 21:32:26

The OBD II connector is located inside the vehicle, driver side foot well, just above the accelerator pedal.


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On the left side of the driver just above the foot brake pedal about 2 inches inside the dash cover. It may have a black cover on it saying ODB2

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The Ford F450 OBD connector can be found on the top of the engine. The ODB connector will be near the air intake housing.

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It is in the fuse box under drivers steering wheel

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The ODBII connector is located on the passenger side of the center console, just beyond the console cover. You do not need to remove anything to plug in your diagnostic tool. For a visual idea area of where it is, see image; A real picture of the connector (1 picture is worth a 1000 words) If you wish to look up others OBDII port locations for other vehicles try the main link at: Good Luck.

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