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It's on the front valve cover. The trick is you have to first remove the "breather chamber" by removing the 2 bolts on top. With the breather chamber cover off, you'll see the PCV valve screwed into the valve cover.

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Q: Where is the PCV Valve on a 1989 Acura Legend?
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Where is the PCV valve located on a 1993 Acura Legend?

located in the top of the drivers side valve cover between the front and mibble coil.

What is the purpose of a PCV valve on the 93 Acura Legend?

A PCV valve is for positive crankcase ventilation. It is to keep crankcase pressure from building up in the engine. If it does it can cause seal leakage, air filter contamination and engine blowby.

Where is the pcv valve in a 1997 Acura CL?

on the backside of the intake

Location of PCV valve 1989 camaro?

The pcv valve on a 1989 Camaro is located in the top of the valve cover. It plugs into a rubber grommet and is easily replaceable.

Where is the PCV valve located on 1989 Mitsubishi Montero?

It is in the valve cover.

How do you change the PCV valve on a 1989 Olds 3.8 ltr engine?

Remove the vacuum hose from your 1989 Oldsmobile 3.8 liter engine PCV valve. Remove the retaining bolts from the valve. Reverse the process to install the new PCV valve.

Where is an Acura Vigor PCV valve located?

It is located on the top of the valve cover towards the rear of the engine.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1989 Honda Accord SEI?

Not sure about the 1989, but 1990-1993 it goes into the valve cover. Look for a hose running to the valve cover and the PCV valve should be what is at the end of it pushed into the valve cover.

1989 Chevy Celebrity PCV valve stuck?

When you shake the PCV valve it should rattle. If it does not rattle then it is probably stuck and should be replaced.

Where is PCV valve on 1989 Oldsmobile 98?

PCV Valve is located near front of hood on the engine block between the fuel injectors.

Where can a PCV valve be found on a 1989 Beretta 2L engine?

In the right rear of the valve cover.

Does a 1989 Honda Accord DX even have a PCV valve?

The answer is Yes.

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